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Our NPS and survey tool is data protection compliant and meets the DSGVO.

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Online surveys on your website help you find the answers to the following questions: • How satisfied are my customers? • How well do my products, content or service perform? • Do customers recommend my business to others?

Direct feedback

Direct feedback from their visitors is incredibly important to marketers. At CleverReach, we also want to know how our users rate our email marketing tool, our content and our offers. That’s why we ask for feedback on many of our pages via online surveys. One click, and we know exactly, what you like about us – and where our tool still needs optimization. We’re sure you want that, too: find out about the satisfaction of your customers quickly and easily and get to know their wishes and preferences better!

Here it is: Use our free survey tool and create online surveys for your website within just a few minutes!

The CleverReach survey tool offers two types of surveys

You can carry out two types of surveys with our CleverReach® survey tool:

  • “Yes or No“ Survey and
  • NPS Survey (Net Promoter Score)

Ask your customers, users or visitors a question. As answering it only requires one click, the survey doesn’t take up too much of their time. This makes it more likely your customers will give you their valuable feedback. You can find the reporting in your CleverReach account.

Please note:

  • The NPS tool is currently still a BETA version and can be used by our CleverReach® customers and agencies – unfortunately, it’s not yet available to sub-accounts (agency customers).
  • At the moment, you can only insert online surveys on a website – to use the NPS tool, you will need your own website.


TIP: Use your newsletter, to lead email recipients to your survey: simply place a link leading to the respective page in your email.

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1. Creating Surveys - powered by CleverReach


To use our online survey tool, start by logging into your CleverReach® account. Navigate to the survey tool via the menu item [Surveys]. Create a new survey via the orange [New Survey] button.
Select one of the two survey types. Choose between

  1.  NPS Survey:
    NPS is short for Net Promoter Score and shows the level of loyalty of your customers. An NPS survey allows customers to rate their customer satisfaction on a scale from 0 to 10. Ratings of 9 or 10 suggest that the user would recommend your product, website or service.
  2. „Yes or No“ Survey
    This survey type allows yes and no as possible response options. Ask a question that your customers can say yes or no to, for example whether they are satisfied with your product, content or service or whether they’d recommend you to others.

2. How to Create a Survey

Create new surveys in a flash:

  1. Select “New NPS Survey“ or “Yes or No“ survey.
  2. Name your survey
    This is the name you can find your survey under in the list of surveys and get to the report. Click on [Continue].
  3. Enter a question, for example:
    - “How likely are you to recommend us to others?“ Rating scale from 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely) or
    - „Would you recommend us to others?“ answering options Yes or No.
    Again, click on [Continue].
  4. Enter a follow-up question, for example:
    „Why did you rate this way?“
    On the right side of the screen, you can see the preview of your survey and all the changes you make in real-time.
  5. Your Thank You note at the end:
    Enter a note you want to have displayed after your customers have completed the survey, for example: „Thank you!“ or „Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.” When that’s done, click on [Continue].
  6. Now enter the URL you want to place your survey on. After that, you get the code snippet for embedding the survey on your website. Now you can save and start the survey, or simply save it as a draft. You can find your survey in your account by navigating to the menu item [Surveys].

3. How to Get the Survey to Your Customers


You want to integrate the survey on your website? After having entered the URL of the website you want to place the survey on, you get the code snippet of the survey. To insert the survey on your website, simply copy the code and embed it in the source code of your website.
Another way is to copy the snippet on the survey page via the top right [Copy Script] button and insert it on your website. To make the survey visible on all your pages, enter [URL/*]. If you only want to display the survey on certain pages, enter all respective page links.

Tip: Link the page(s) with your NPS or recommendation survey in your next email newsletter! That’ll draw your customers‘ attention to it and they can submit their feedback on the fly.

4. Evaluating Your Online Survey

  • How do you get to evaluate your online survey?
    That’s also what the script is for. The code snippet serves for establishing a connection between your external website to your reporting in CleverReach. The connection is automatically saved in the script. The script is always the same.
  • What reporting options do I have?
    There are two ways of getting to the report of your survey:
  1. Directly in the survey: Click on the arrow on the right to open the [Report].
  2. In the survey overview: Click on the title of your survey. The report for your survey will automatically open at once.

Check the two tabs of the survey report for the keywords and responses of your customers to your survey. The reporting overview shows the top 10 URLs that users have submitted their feedback on. Filter them more closely in the „Answers“ tab.

5. Data Protection and Cookies: Important Notes on the CleverReach® Survey Tool

Our NPS and survey tool works in compliance with data protection and the GDPR. In order to not have the same survey displayed to your users again and again after they have already taken part in it, a browser cookie is saved. We’ll save it for six months before it expires.
Please check the cookie policy of your website and edit it, if necessary.

Please note: The features is currently still a BETA version. If anything comes up, please send your feedback to our service team at any time. Thank you!

Also browse our Help Center post „Creating NPS surveys in CleverReach (BETA Version )“ for more details.

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