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What is the Template Generator from CleverReach?

The CleverReach Email Template Generator creates a newsletter template matching your Corporate Design within seconds – containing everything from logo to colors of your CI. The only thing you have to do is entering your URL. Our CleverReach® Email Template Generator takes care of the rest. Getting started with email marketing has never been easier!

Getting started with email marketing has never been easier!

A collection of 700, 850 or 1,000 free and responsive email templates sounds like something every email marketer would dream of. But does that even make sense? For an ideal brand consistency you only need the one template that matches the design of your website or blog. This helps your newsletter subscriber immediately recognize the sender of the email – plus it perfectly supports your brand.

“How Do I Create My Own Email Marketing Template?”

Our CleverReach Email Template Generator generates your personalized business template for you! You only need to enter the URL of your homepage or the link to your blog and click – and our Template Generator will get to work. Within seconds, it generates a newsletter template you just have to fill with your content. This is just as easy with our CleverReach Newsletter Editor.

The Template Generator saves your time and money: you’ll get a customized templates in a flash – you neither have to hire an agency nor get your hands on the programming yourself.
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Customized Newsletter Templates with our Email Template Generator

How to easily include your Corporate Design in your Email Marketing

1. Where to Find the Template Generator


Our email creation process leads you to our Email Template Generator. Start by logging into your account. Depending on whether you’re a new customer or have already been working with CleverReach for quite some time now, you continue a little differently:

  • As a new customer you navigate to [Create email] on your CleverReach dashboard. You directly end up in our Template Generator.
  • If you’re an existing customer, click on [Emails] in the left menu bar and hit [Create New Email]. Now select [Simple Newsletter].
  • Define the campaign settings for your email. For more details on newsletter settings browse “Create Your Newsletter“. After having confirmed your input by hitting [Save & Continue] the next step is the template selection. Select [Generate Template]. The Template Generator pops up.

2. How to Generate Your Brand Template


Enter the URL of your website or link to your blog in the provided input field to automatically generate your brand template. Please note: By entering the URL you confirm that you are authorized to use all contents of this website.

By clicking on “GO” the Template Generator will start crawling the URL for the required information for your template. Get the result within seconds:

  • Logo
  • Background color
  • Font (color)
  • Link color

The Template Generator suggests a template design based on these characteristics. You can find a preview of the generated template on the right side of the screen. Change and customize it as you need.

3. How to Customize the Generated Template


The first thing displayed is the logo we found on your website. Upload another logo if you like. Click on the Plus icon to upload a different logo from your computer. Based on the colors found on your website you get suggestions for background colors for your newsletter. The template is divided into an inner and outer area. Specify the same or different colors for the two areas. You’re not limited to the colors our Template Generator suggests. Navigate to the Plus icon for more color values.

The Template Generator also suggests colors for the links and blocks of text for your brand template. You can edit both suggestions when searching for alternative color values with the Plus icon. There also is an inner and outer area of your newsletter. If you’re happy with the color settings, confirm your changes by hitting [Save & Continue].

4. How to Use Different Colors

You want to use different colors than the ones proposed by the Template Generator? No problem. There are several ways of adding different colors:

  • Click on the Plus icon to open a color palette. You can choose between the following options to add more colors:
    • Color picker
    • Color palette
    • HEX Code
    • R-G-B
    • H-S-L
  • Click on the arrows on the right to select the option you want to work with.
  • For example, click on a color in the color palette. This color is added to your selection list and you can use it for your template.

5. How to Use the Generated Template

Take a look at the changes of your generated template in the preview in the top right corner. If the template meets your expectations and matches your brand, click on the down right [Save Template and Continue] button.
Done! You have successfully generated your newsletter template. Now it’s time to fill that template with newsletter content! Insert images, text and lots of additional elements in your email with our Newsletter Editor.

Please note: Use your new template for every email you send out. You can find it by navigating to the menu item [Templates].

The CleverReach Newsletter Editor

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