Creating Responsive Newsletters

One Email, All Screen Sizes: Responsive Newsletter Templates Always Make Your Emails Look Good
Creating Responsive Newsletters CleverReach

Perfect For All Screen Sizes: Responsive Newsletter Templates

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Our responsive newsletter templates are optimally displayed on all devices.

See at a glance how your newsletter will look on mobile or desktop.

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Newsletter Templates in Responsive Design

Our responsive newsletter templates ensure that your content is always excellently displayed on any device. 

Why Create Responsive Newsletters?

Desktop computer, phone, tablet, laptop or iPad mini all have different screen sizes. A responsive newsletter reacts to the different screen sizes and adjusts the layout to every device. Your advantage: it makes your newsletter perfectly readable and user-friendly on any device your recipients use for opening your email. Nothing has to be enlarged and scrolled back and forth. Depending on the used device, call-to-action buttons can also easily be clicked via mouse or touch.  

Create responsive newsletters that look equally good on a smartphone display or the desktop monitor in your office – with our email marketing tool. 

Does Your Email Look Right on Any Device?

To check whether your content and images are displayed properly, take a look at the preview to see how the mobile version of your newsletter looks on several devices such as smartphone and tablet.

How Simple Is Creating Responsive HTML Newsletters?

It’s incredibly easy to create responsive emails with our newsletter tool. The best thing is: You don’t have to do anything to adapt your newsletter to the different screen sizes of mobile devices. Our responsive newsletter templates do all the work! 

Simply edit our responsive email templates in our intuitive Newsletter Editor and adjust them to your individual needs. You create one email - and it is automatically adapted to mobile screens. 

Where Do You Find Our Responsive Templates?

You can find our responsive and free email templates in the Templates area in your CleverReach account. 

Get there by 

  • creating a newsletter or 
  • navigating to the menu item “Templates“. 

Whether you want to tell a story or sell your products: our responsive templates offer everything it takes to be well received by your recipients.  

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1. Perfect Display = Increasing Interactions + Sales

Creating Responsive Newsletters Perfect Display CleverReach

As a newsletter sender you know: the open rate is a key figure in email marketing. It varies depending on the industry and type and content of your email.  

Every open is a chance for interaction. This may be a click on a call-to-action button or a link that leads to your shop or your website – and more sales!  

Newsletters usually get opened only once. This often leaves you with only one chance to convince your subscribers of your offers. Responsive email templates help you improve the readability of your newsletters.  

This has a positive impact on your click rates and thus the success of your email in shape of boosting sales. 

The call-to-action buttons mentioned above earlier also contribute to the success of your email marketing campaign, as they are well placed on every screen and encourage readers to become active (i.e. click, interaction). 

TIP: Call-to-action buttons are equally easy to reach for left- and right-handed users if they are positioned centrally. The resizing happens automatically, but you should always think about the optimal placement of your buttons when creating your email. 

2. Responsive Newsletter Templates: Easily Readable Emails

Creating Responsive Newsletters Easily Readable CleverReach

Why create responsive newsletters? Most newsletters are created on a desktop computer – but most of them are read on mobile devices. If your email template is not responsive your newsletter is only displayed in reduced size in the best case. A newsletter that is not adapted for mobile devices may be enlarged by zooming in, however, the text blocks don’t fit the screen and have to be moved back and forth. The risk is too high to hit a button unintentionally or trigger a redirect with one incorrect swipe. What happens? Your subscribers get frustrated and don’t continue reading your email, and only in very rare cases do they open it on another device when they get home. 

Use a responsive template for your newsletter instead, and your subscribers can read your email on any screen size and view all your content without any problems. For this purpose some things are adapted to the screen size: 

  • Number of columns: Several columns turn into one.  
  • Images: Readers don’t read what they can’t see. That’s why the header image is adjusted in a way that they can still read the text. 
  • Buttons: they must have a certain minimum size for readers to click on them. That’s why buttons get bigger compared to the desktop version. 
  • Font size: The font size is also adjusted for optimal readability. 
  • Links: they need to be designed in a form they are easily recognized and can be clicked – just like the buttons.  

3. Responsive CleverReach Newsletter Templates

Creating Responsive Newsletter Templates CleverReach

Use our responsive email templates to make sure your newsletters are automatically displayed correctly, and it is always adapted to the respective screen size of the used device. 

How does that work?

Responsive newsletters are based on CSS3 codes. This retrieves recipient characteristics like  

  • Screen size
  • Format 
  • Resolution.

These details serve to optimize your email: the format, size, text and alignment of the columns are adjusted to these specifications. This makes your newsletter perfectly readable, on a small phone display as well as on a big screen. 

4. Equally Good Display on All Devices

Should all emails be responsive?
We recommend using responsive newsletter templates.  

Emails are read always and everywhere: in the office or at home, but also on a commute, in the waiting room or at the hairdresser’s. People check their inbox on the go, sometimes it’s their only time in the day they read their emails. They use a wide variety of devices: From PCs with extra-wide monitors to tablets and laptops to smartphones. 

Responsive emails perfectly display your content to your recipient when they first open it. If it’s too small or shifted most recipients will simply close your newsletter – never to return again. 

5. Tips: How to Check Your Responsive Emails

Creating Responsive Newsletters Check Emails CleverReach

Our responsive newsletter templates make your emails fit every screen size on any device. Here’s how you can check your email before sending: 

  • View how your newsletter is displayed on several devices (tablet, smartphone, monitor) in our virtual preview.  
  • Open your email on different devices after sending yourself a test email.  
  • With a paid design and spam test, you can also see the layout of your newsletter with various email clients and whether the newsletter is delivered correctly. You can find out more about this in our Help Center article on the design and spam test.  

Responsive templates with CleverReach

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