Proffix Email Marketing Integration

Connect your business software Proffix with CleverReach Newsletter Tool via interface

Proffix users benefit from the connection to the CleverReach email marketing tool by continuing to maintain and update their email addresses and other data centrally in one place, namely in Proffix. Through the interface, all data and changes are automatically transferred and there is no double entry due to multiple imports. Data fields are also synchronized - the entries can be used to personalize newsletters.

In addition, it is possible to assign newsletter recipients to different campaigns in order to send them specifically only those campaigns for which they have signed up. In this way, open and click rates remain high and unsubscribe rates low.

Proffix chose CleverReach because our email marketing tool allows for easy and intuitive newsletter creation. Thanks to responsive templates, the emails are displayed correctly on any screen size and the newsletters can also be easily individualized and adapted to the respective corporate design.

The functions of the CleverReach integration for Proffix ERP

This data exchange is made possible with the help of the integration between Proffix and CleverReach:

  • Synchronization of addresses and contact data directly from Proffix address management into CleverReach (without export and import).
  • Synchronization of blacklist, subscriptions and unsubscriptions in both directions (bidirectional)
  • Create and synchronize recipient groups from Proffix into CleverReach
  • Define and synchronize data fields from Proffix to personalize newsletters in CleverReach
  • HTML files of sent newsletters via CleverReach are transferred back to the Proffix address management and stored in the documents of the corresponding recipients

Detailed instructions on how to use the interface can be downloaded here: Instructions Proffix Interface CleverReach E-Newsletter. In it you will find information about these topics:

  • Define new campaigns
  • Define new additional fields
  • Assign recipients to a campaign
  • Synchronize recipients
  • Synchronize unsubscribes, bounces and statistics
  • Newsletter synchronization after sending

Installing the Proffix integration for CleverReach

You are a Proffix customer and would like to use the interface to the CleverReach email marketing tool? Then click on our Call-To-Action button and submit a non-binding request directly to Proffix. The installation of the email marketing integration into your Proffix ERP system is done directly by Proffix itself.

About Proffix

Proffix is a Swiss ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning), which is particularly aimed at SMEs. Proffix supports companies in managing their business processes, simplifying workflows and standardizing and automating data exchange with third parties. The business software is easy to use and can be quickly implemented in practice. Thanks to its modular structure, Proffix can be adapted to different requirements. Since all modules have the same structure, they can be easily integrated into the system.

The main modules include address and user management, article and warehouse management, order processing and accounting. In addition, the software can be extended with the help of various add-on and third-party modules and tools. Ready-made packages for specific industries are also offered, for example, for retail or service management.