How to include your own newsletter signup pop-ups on your site

Pop-Up, Slide In or Exit Intend - with OptinMonster's attention-grabbing marketing tools, you can dynamically embed your newsletter sign-up form on your site and generate even more leads:

  1. you need a form to sign up for your newsletter in the first step. Find the instructions for creating a form here.
  2. furthermore you need an account at OptinMonster. Here, in the builder, select the "Integrations" tab in the menu.
  3. to connect CleverReach with OptinMonster here, click on "Add New Integration". Here you can build your own integration using HTML.
  4. To do this, select "Custom URL" from the drop-down menu under "Email Provider". Note: If you can't find the "Custom URL" option, you probably already have an integration set up. In order to use a new Custom URL, existing connections must be deleted.
  5. You will now see a text box where you can paste your form code. Be sure to remove all unnecessary HTML markup, inline CSS, and scripts from your form code and keep only the input fields and form tags.

How to track your conversions

When using a custom HTML integration, conversions are not automatically tracked until you use the class


to the submit button for your custom form. For example:

1 <input type="submit" class="om-trigger-conversion" value="Submit" />

Adding this class will also set a cookie for the campaign if you have a success cookie duration value in the setup panel for your campaign.

General information