With Make you connect your email marketing with a variety of business apps

Make used to be called Integromat.

The Make platform helps you accelerate business processes through automation. The key here is the direct and automatic exchange of data. To make this possible, applications are linked together so that data is then transferred from one tool to another completely automatically. Gone are the days of manually transferring information - from now on, it all happens by itself.

Make creates a link for you between our CleverReach® email marketing tool and the external application you use. It is also possible to link to several applications. You determine which data is exchanged. If the integration is active, the data exchange runs reliably and at any time in the background.

Advantages & Functions

Use the linking via Make to automate workflows - individually tailored to your needs. The list of possible applications with which our email marketing tool can be linked via Make is very extensive.

With the help of the Make-CleverReach interface, you determine not only which applications are linked, but also how your CleverReach® automation process should be designed:

  • Which triggers should trigger the data exchange?
  • Which actions should be executed?
  • Where (in which lists) should searches be performed?

Simply create individual workflows specifically according to your requirements!

How to use Integromat to connect the CleverReach email marketing tool with other business applications

To connect CleverReach with a business app using Make, programming skills are not normally required. However, with programming knowledge, even more complex integrations can be created.

Only a few steps are required to create a link using Make:

  • Install app
  • Establish a connection via OAuth
  • Create your own workflow on the canvas at Make

About Make

Make is an integration platform that allows anyone - individuals, teams, or companies - to link workflows and applications without the need for programming skills. By linking them, processes can be automated - saving a lot of time. Make supports hundreds of cloud applications, so a large number of linkages - and all the more automations - are possible.

Make's mission is to empower people to visually implement their ideas, make processes tangible, and automate without having to write code. Make's headquarters are located in Prague, Czech Republic.