Justuno Email Marketing Integration

Get your email marketing up to speed with Justuno and CleverReach

Sending newsletters with CleverReach is not only easy, but also brings a lot: many clicks, a lot of traffic and many conversions!

You want more of all this? Justuno helps you do it. Justuno is a comprehensive conversion marketing and analytics platform. The Justuno integration supports you with the help of artificial intelligence

  • in converting your daily website traffic
  • in increasing your sales
  • in growing your email address lists.

Connect Justuno with our feature-rich CleverReach email marketing tool and leverage the combined marketing power of both solutions! Get more email recipients with Justuno data. Expand your email recipient lists with exit pop-ups and sign-up bars. With the help of Justuno's integration solution for CleverReach, you also benefit from the detailed data of your website visitors. This enables you to optimize your conversions with targeted email marketing strategies.

The functions of our CleverReach newsletter tool

Since 2007, we've been enabling our customers with skillful email marketing, and we're constantly evolving in the process. The result? A wide range of CleverReach features:

  • Easily create and send email newsletters with the drag & drop editor.
  • A/B split tests for subject lines and content
  • Free, responsive newsletter templates
  • fully automated email routes and complex multi-level chains with THEA, our email automation
  • Easily segment recipient list and send targeted newsletters using tags
  • Extensive and useful reporting and tracking for success analysis
  • Email Marketing Made in Germany! DSGVO-compliant address acquisition, highest security standards with German server locations
  • Free support & online seminars on demand

If you have any questions, visit our much-used online seminars or contact our support team, who are always happy to help.

Connect CleverReach and Justuno

To connect Justuno and CleverReach, the Justuno team has developed an integration that you can install quickly and easily:

  • To use the plugin from Justuno, you need an API Key. You can generate this key yourself here at CleverReach. To do this, log in to your CleverReach account and create an API key under "My Account - Extras - Soap API".
  • To create an API Key, click on "Create API Key" in the upper right corner. Your API Key will then be displayed under "Your API Keys".
  • In the next step, please copy the API Key to be able to use it for the connection with Justuno.
  • Now go to the Justuno website and log in with your Justuno login data. In the admin portal of Justuno, navigate to Promotions and click on the three dots on the right. In the next step, please click on "Settings", then on "Integrations" and then on "Email Marketing Apps".
  • Next, activate the CleverReach integration. To do this, click on the CleverReach Connect button on the App Integration tab. By clicking on it, you will start the configuration options.

a) Now please enter your API Key there by simply pasting it.

b) Choose a CleverReach list, in this case the Justuno list, and click on "Save":

Now Justuno and your CleverReach account are connected. The new registrations in Justuno will be synchronized with the CleverReach list you selected as soon as a recipient registers via Justuno.