Connect CleverReach and Apteco for automated newsletter campaigns

Email marketing is an important pillar in the marketing mix: with no other marketing measure do you achieve a similarly high return on investment (ROI).

As an Apteco user, you value:

  • data-based, target group-specific marketing activities,
  • campaign automation and
  • detailed evaluations - which in turn flow into the next marketing activities.

CleverReach is the perfect tool to support you here. Users of the Apteco Marketing Software benefit from the Apteco interface to CleverReach, because with the feature-rich newsletter tool you have the possibility to directly address your previously analyzed and selected target groups.

The benefits of the CleverReach integration solution for Apteco

Through the email marketing application, customer information that makes sense for your email marketing is automatically transferred to CleverReach - for personalized newsletters and offers. Recipient reactions such as opens, clicks or bounces flow back to Apteco Marketing Software - and can be used for the next campaign. This way, your campaigns become more and more targeted - and your results better and better!

These features are made possible with the integration between Apteco and CleverReach:

  • The integration enables seamless bidirectional linking of your systems (public, private or hybrid cloud) with CleverReach.
  • Through automatic data synchronization, all relevant information from Apteco is available for your email marketing. This increases the data quality in CleverReach - for a 360-degree customer view.
  • Conversely, recipient responses to a newsletter are synchronized back to Apteco for in-depth and value-added analytics.
  • Events, such as a login or purchase, can be triggered in real time - and trigger a response, for example. These action-triggered emails ensure the best possible point of contact.
  • Automatically tag your recipients in CleverReach based on customer values, segments, responses or behavior. Use recipient tags for customized email offers.
  • Control your mailings fully automated with the automation tool THEA in CleverReach based on e.g. tags or purchases.

This video explains how the CleverReach-Apteco email marketing integration works:

The functions

Since 2007, we have been shaping the possibilities of email marketing with and for our customers. The result - a wide range of CleverReach features:

  • Easily create and send email newsletters with the drag & drop editor.
  • Responsive, free templates/templates for various industries and occasions
  • Easily segment recipient list and send targeted newsletters using tags
  • Use email marketing automation THEA to plan multi-level newsletter chains and campaigns for different occasions in advance and save time
  • Easily analyze success and optimize newsletters
  • Highest security standards, email marketing made in Germany
  • Free support & free on-demand seminarsAlways the right tariff for everyone: customized, changeable at any time, no contract period - scales for small & large address lists, for occasional senders, frequent senders or big players

Installation der E-Mail Marketing Integration für Apteco

You would like to connect CleverReach with Apteco? In this case, please contact the Apteco Partner Manager Florian von Bracht. You can reach him

  • by e-mail:
  • by phone: +49 (0) 69 25 66 97 0-114.

About Apteco

Apteco is a software company that has developed Apteco Marketing Software, a multi-channel campaign management solution based on comprehensive marketing data analysis. Apteco Marketing Software helps its users to better manage existing customers with a holistic approach.

This holistic approach is implemented through the three elements of the Marketing Software consisting of FastStats, PeopleStage and Orbit:

  • FastStats, a visualization and statistics tool, provides clear and deep insights into customer data.
  • With the help of PeopleStage, complex marketing campaigns can be created, managed and executed.
  • And using Orbit, data can be visualized and integrated into significant dashboards so that new insights can be derived. The created dashboards can be easily shared with colleagues.