With CleverReach reporting you have all key figures in view

With CleverReach Email Marketing Integration for WooCommerce, you always know immediately how successful your newsletter was. All you need to do is look at your email report, which is automatically created for each newsletter campaign. In it, you will find all important key figures or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) very clearly.

Where can you find the report? It's simple: To view it, all you need to do is go to "Reports & Analytics" in the CleverReach dashboard. There you will see all reports for your campaigns - in real time, so they are always up to date. Based on the key figures, you can see at a glance how your newsletter was received by your recipients.

Use these metrics to make your next campaign even more successful.

Opening rate

The first metric in your email report is the open rate. It indicates how many recipients have opened your newsletter.

Why is this key figure so exciting? It's simple: the open rate depends on how your recipients react to your newsletter. Have they been waiting for your WooCommerce newsletter? Are they looking forward to unique offers and promotions? Is the subject line inviting? If so, your subscribers will open your newsletter. If the open rate falls short of your expectations, put your leverage here:

  • Formulate a crisper subject line.
  • Entice them with promotions and offers that are appropriate for the target group.

Also, make sure it's clear at a glance who the sender of the email is. And find out what open rates are common in your industry. Maybe the value in your email report is even above average? In some business sectors, open rates below 25% are quite normal.


The CleverReach email report for your WooCommerce store continues with the click-through rate. It indicates how many of your subscribers clicked on a link in your newsletter. Again, depending on your industry, average click-through rates vary. To properly assess whether you're doing well or not quite as well, draw comparisons. In many industries, an acceptable click-through rate is around 4% of all delivered mail.

Your email report shows a lower click-through rate? In that case, you should take a critical look at the content of your newsletter, because something has kept your readers from clicking. This can be an unclear layout, but also unattractive offers.

Sometimes the newsletter content simply doesn't match the subject line and your readers were expecting something else.

And this can also happen: The link leads nowhere. To prevent this from happening to you, you should check all links before sending out the e-mail.

With these precautions, your next newsletter will be a hit - easy to find out in your next e-mail report.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate in the email report tells you how many of your recipients have become buyers - and of course: How much revenue have you made in your WooCommerce store?

To evaluate this very important KPI, you need CleverReach Conversion Tracking. Read on our support pages how to use CleverReach Conversion Tracking.

Please note that you will only find the evaluations in the CleverReach E-Mail Report. Unfortunately, the sales are not forwarded to WooCommerce via plugin and therefore cannot be found there. We therefore recommend the customer to use Google Analytics for the conversion tracking.

Also for the conversion rate it is important to analyze exactly how it can be improved. Purchase blockers are a price that is too high or a purchase process that is too complicated. Remedy this by making suitable price offers for your target group, offering discounts and keeping the checkout as short as possible.

Delivery and bounce rate

Very often, the delivery rate is mentioned in connection with email marketing. It indicates what percentage of your sent emails were actually delivered; however, it is not shown separately in your CleverReach email report. If you use the CleverReach integration for WooCommerce, the delivery rate should be higher anyway than if you were to send your newsletter via a private email account. This is because the integration solution allows you to benefit from various protection measures. These ensure that the mailings sent with CleverReach are "whitelisted", i.e. not classified as spam - and thus actually end up in your subscriber's e-mail inbox.

However, despite all anti-spam measures, there are still some mailboxes that are not accessible, for example, because they no longer exist or the memory is full. In that case, the mail can't be delivered either, but usually doesn't end up in the spam folder (but even that can happen!), but is rejected - it bounces, so to speak. These undeliverable newsletters are listed in the bounce rate in the email report. The bounce rate is also always kept low by protective measures - in this respect, you benefit from optimal delivery and bounce rates with CleverReach. It doesn't get any better than this!

With the WooCommerce Email Report to more success

Your WooCommerce email report not only provides you with very important statements about your already sent newsletter campaigns, with the help of the right conclusions it also helps you to achieve more success and higher sales!

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