WooCommerce Email Editor

More than a Customizer: The CleverReach Email Editor

You have connected your WooCommerce plugin with CleverReach and now you want to create your own beautiful newsletters? All right! With the intuitive drag & drop editor, extensive reporting and recipient management, our software offers many more ways to send successful emails than a mere customizer. For flexible email marketing you'll love - easy to set up and completely for free!

Use CleverReach's free email marketing software for your WooCommerce store:

What makes our drag & drop email editor special?

Your own WooCommerce marketing newsletter in just a few steps? Our editor makes it possible: Select your recipients, simply drag and drop your content into your newsletter template and off you go! Both beginners and advanced marketeers appreciate the easy handling of our editor and use it to send newsletters that are worth seeing. Even without programming knowledge, you can create professional and beautiful newsletters that emphasize the unique look and feel of your company.

How to use the settings in the drag & drop email editor for your WooCommerce store

In the drag and drop editor, you can get creative with content that fits your business. Our responsive templates make it easy for you to use logos, colors and images according to your corporate language.

What settings can be used in the editor?

  • Manage recipients: Who should be written to and when? In the editor, you can write to entire lists of recipients or send individual messages to specific segments.
  • Change subject line and sender name: A subject line with a lot of traction can become an opener for your newsletter! A reputable sender name also helps ensure recipients are happy to open your emails.
  • Set tracking: Opens and clicks in your newsletter are automatically counted. If needed, you can also connect your Google Analytics account here. This allows you to easily measure the success of your send and make adjustments for the next newsletter depending on the results.
  • Customize the template: You set up images, colors, texts and links, buttons, personalization placeholders and dynamic elements entirely according to your wishes in the template.
  • The preview function for the final touch: In the preview and in the test dispatch, you can check whether all texts, images and links in your newsletter are in place.
  • More freedom in HTML: Would you like even more flexibility in designing your e-mails? Then switch to the HTML section of our editor. Here you can move content around and arrange it to your liking, just like in Word.

Our e-mail settings give you full design freedom

With CleverReach you don't need any knowledge of coding - you simply drag your content into your email in the editor and can design all visible text according to your wishes. No WooCommerce customizer offers you so much design freedom! Connect our plugin now and boost your sales with email marketing:

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