Shopify Email Campaigns

Increase customer engagement, sales and profits with Shopify Email Campaigns

Benefit with your Shopify online store from the various possibilities for automation with the CleverReach plugin:

  • automate first follow up emails easily
  • become individual with newsletter marketing campaigns
  • achieve big sales even with a small marketing budget!

Connect your Shopify store with CleverReach and benefit from automated emails! Whether it's a simple follow up email or complex marketing campaigns; once created, automatically sent newsletters can increase customer engagement to help you generate even more sales. Both beginners and professionals can use THEA, CleverReach's simple email automation, to quickly and easily create multi-level newsletter Streams that delight customers!

Increase sales with Shopify Marketing Campaigns

You have decided to use email marketing? Good choice! Because compared to other channels, newsletters bring high profits even when using moderate marketing budgets. Automated emails even pay off twice, because once set up, you don't have to do anything but sit back and watch more sales roll in! Easily create custom marketing campaigns for your Shopify store:

Pick up new customers instantly with welcome emails


A simple and effective autoresponder is the Welcome Email, which welcomes new recipients to your newsletter. This message usually has the highest open rate: use this opportunity to introduce newcomers to your product portfolio right away and turn them into buying customers with special offers! This is what DIY wool retailer We Are Knitters does, for example, which sends new customers a €10 voucher with a matching code via autoresponder.

3 steps to the welcome email

  • Step 1
    To send your automated welcome email, first create an automation email. After logging in, go to "Emails" in the menu and click on the "Create new email" button in the top right corner. Here, select the automation email from the list. In our drag and drop editor, you can design the message according to your needs and save it.
  • Step 2
    You want the Welcome email to be delivered only to new recipients in your list. To achieve this, create a segment in your recipient list. Under "Recipients" in your list you will find the menu item "Segments". Here you define which contacts belong in the segment. In our example, we set the condition so that contacts activated one day ago enter the segment. This way you can write to new registrants of existing contacts separately.
  • Step 3
    Now you can prepare your automation! Under the menu item "Automation THEA" you create a new automation chain. Select the tile with the title "Calendar Event"; a predefined chain will be displayed.

Next to the calendar icon, enter when you want your Welcome email to be sent. We have defined the daily sending at 9 am. Below that, select from your list of recipients the segment they prepared in point 2. Last but not least, under the button "Select existing e-mail" you will find the message you prepared in point 1. If everything is set correctly, you can set the automation to active with the slider in the upper right corner.

Let sleeping customers be awakened - The reactivation email

  • You don't necessarily have to increase your marketing budget to reach more customers with your campaigns. A good reactivation will do the trick! Win back customers who haven't opened a newsletter from you or made a purchase in a while.
  • Since the customer data from your Shopify account is continuously synced into CleverReach, you can also access your customers' purchase data for your reactivation campaign. It's worth nudging all those who haven't generated sales for several months with a dedicated email.
  • For a dedicated reactivation email, as with a welcome message, first create an automation email. The reactivation segment is created to only write to customers who have not made a purchase from your Shopify store in a specified time period. In our example, we've determined that the last purchase date was 60 days ago - any customer who hasn't purchased anything for longer than that time will end up in the segment and will be written to.
  • As with a welcome email, you then start your automation with an event. Again, set the timing with which you want to send your reactivation - once a day is recommended.
  • In this marketing campaign, you also select the segment you created and the automation email for the reactivation. The mail goes off to all customers who have not visited your store for a long time!

Realize the full potential of your marketing campaign with filters

  • With target group-oriented content, you increase the success of your campaigns and thus get even more out of your marketing budget: The better the content of your newsletters fits your recipients, the more likely their newsletter will be opened and clicked. This way, even with existing contacts and good customer care, you can quickly increase the sales of your Shopify store.
  • With CleverReach's email automation THEA, you can respond to the individual needs of your customers in a fully automated way. Indeed, in addition to simple automation chains, you can also create complex workflows and, for example:
    • Respond to the behavior of your recipients: The trigger with the heart icon is designed to allow you to filter recipients based on their interaction with your email. Has the recipient opened your newsletter? Then he will now receive a different follow-up email (the one following the "true" branch) than someone who ignored the newsletter (the newsletters following the "false" branch).
    • Non-openers like to respond to discounts, for example. It can also be helpful to convey a time urgency in the subject line, such as the follow up email in the screenshot below. While the first message remained unopened in the inbox, the second newsletter was opened with the time-sensitive note:
    • Addressing the characteristics of your recipients: The blue funnel icon helps you send different emails to your recipients that differ in a certain characteristic. The fields of the recipients are useful for this. For example, you can sort by gender, or write to recipients in different languages. For more ideas on how to target your customers, see this article on segmentation.

Achieve big things with a small marketing budget

With automated Marketing Campaigns, you can do more for your Shopify store: Once set up, you can strengthen the bond with your customers virtually while they sleep and follow up with all the recipients who haven't visited your store in a while. With individual offers tailored to your recipients, you can increase your open rates, your clicks, and last but not least, your sales, even with the same budget!

Hungry for more email marketing? Choose your monthly rate today and get your first month free as a new customer!

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