Gambio Newsletter Module - Advantages & Functions

Powerful email marketing for your Gambio store with the CleverReach newsletter plugin.

Optimize your store sales with targeted newsletter marketing. To do this, integrate CleverReach's powerful newsletter module directly into your Gambio online store and use all the features of the professional email marketing tool, such as the drag-and-drop editor, free email templates and fully automated mailings and autoresponders. The email addresses of your new sign-ups and purchase customers are automatically synchronized with your newsletter recipient lists. The comprehensive reporting will show you your sales by respective campaign.

These are the functions of the plugin:

  • Use the legally compliant newsletter signup option by integrating it into the Gambio standard newsletter box (incl. double opt-in process).
  • Gain even more newsletter subscribers by integrating a subscription option into the checkout process: the customer can subscribe to the newsletter when placing an order and then also receives a double opt-in email for confirmation
  • Your subscriber data is synchronized on a regular basis without any intervention on your part; customer characteristics are matched with your subscriber groups for the purpose of segmenting targeted newsletter campaigns
  • The regular live export of new recipients and customers, including order information, also runs automatically.
  • Display orders and sales based on individual e-mail campaigns in your report - the Connect Link extension is a prerequisite for this
  • Benefit from high delivery rates by sending your mailings via listed servers.

Connect CleverReach and Gambio

Easy and easy go together: How to install the CleverReach plugin for Gambio.

The prerequisite for the immediate use of the CleverReach plugin is the use of the Honeygrid template, the necessary template adaptations for Honeygrid are part of the package. If you are using a different template (such as EyeCandy, MobileCandy or a third-party template), the necessary adjustments must be made to the template itself.


  • Upload the module files to the store directory on your FTP server
  • Empty the following caches in the Gambio admin under Toolbox à Cache:
    • Texts,
    • module information,
    • page output,
    • in this order.
  • To install the module, go to "Modules" and further to "Module Center".


Registration with CleverReach

If you do not have a CleverReach account yet, you can create one here. All you need to do is enter your email address and confirm the account creation.


Initial configuration

The configuration is also done in a few steps: When the interface is activated for the first time, the configuration wizard appears.

Set up access

  • To start, it's time to set up your CleverReach module for your Gambio store.
  • After that, click on "Grant access". This will redirect you to CleverReach.
  • In order to use the CleverReach module in Gambio, you first need to set up access once.
  • To do this, click on "Edit" in the module center to call up the module configuration.
  • Then click on "Grant access". This will redirect you to CleverReach.
  • By entering your CleverReach login details, you allow Gambio to access your CleverReach account.


  • Gambio's access to your CleverReach account is time limited, you can see the expiration date on the start page of your configuration page
  • Click on "Grant access" to update your login details, click on "Remove access" to disconnect from the CleverReach account.
  • Under "Settings" you now configure your Gambio to CleverReach interface. The following entries will be requested:

CronJob password

A CronJob is a recurring task that is executed automatically at a specified time. Via such a CronJob, the groups are automatically synchronized between CleverReach and Gambio Shop at certain time intervals. When you set and save a CronJob password, the valid CronJob URL appears below the settings. You need this URL to enter it with your provider, because CronJobs are created from outside the store, i.e. via the tools of your hosting provider, server or via a specialized service provider. The CronJob will then perform the matching of your customer groups with your address data at the time interval you specify when creating the CronJob with the provider.

URL parameter for mailing ID

Specify a name for a URL parameter here. This is useful if a mailing contains links to offer articles, for example. Your name specified here will be included in the URL. For example, if you specify crmailing, your URL would look like this:


The URL first includes the link to the article, followed by the crmailing URL parameter. "Dec2016" in our example represents a value that is automatically created and assigned by CleverReach for each mailing. This can then be used to accurately evaluate responses to individual mailings.

Sync Priority

Sometimes the settings of your data sets differ from each other: for example, the same data set can be activated in your web store, but not in your CleverReach database. Under Sync Priority, you define which settings should have priority.


In order to segment recipients and create and send targeted newsletters, you first need to create appropriate groups in your CleverReach recipients database. You can see how this can look in this example:

  • For the sake of simplicity, we have created groups in this example that correspond to the groups on the configuration page. If you are unable to select the groups here, you must first complete the address data in CleverReach. You do this in the CleverReach account and enter the address data in the account. Here you can now assign which type of store customers should be assigned to which group at CleverReach.
    • Group for newsletter recipients: customers who have registered in the store to receive newsletters.
    • Group for registered customers: all customers with a customer account.
    • Group for all orderers: all customers who have placed an order once, regardless of whether they have a customer account or not.

Transfer purchase data

Enable this setting to have your shopping cart contents transferred to CleverReach after purchase completion. This is interesting for tracking the success of promotional mailings, which then use, for example, the above-mentioned tracking parameter for links to the store. This way, conversions can be assigned to the respective newsletter campaigns and the success of email marketing can be measured.

Advanced logging

Advanced logging allows for detailed analysis when problems occur while using the module. By default, this item is disabled. If errors occur, enable advanced logging and re-execute the action in question. With the help of the extended logging, all steps of the action are logged and the error can be found afterwards. Click here to download the Gambio - CleverReach User Manual "Installation and Setup".

About Gambio

The Gambio store software is a complete solution for online stores that makes it easy not only for professionals but also for beginners without programming knowledge to start their own online store. The software, which was developed in Germany, has already been used more than 20,000 times, especially by small and medium-sized companies with up to 80 employees, as well as by agencies and those switching to Gambio.

The advantages of Gambio are, in addition to the easy installation of the own online store, especially for e-commerce newcomers:

  • the professional structure
  • the wide range of functions
  • the simple because intuitive operation via the integrated administration area
  • the possibility of an individually designable online store using StyleEdit according to your own ideas
  • the appealing product presentation
  • search engine optimization

Gambio also makes it possible to sell across all channels - such as Amazon, eBay, etc. - and to present your own products in price search engines. Other functions such as a warehouse management or accounting round out the program. Furthermore, Gambio can be extended with additional functions through modules. Here Gambio users benefit from the large network of agencies and developers who specialize in this store software.