Email Marketing Directly From Your Ecwid Store With the CleverReach Integration

Spotify, Levi‘s, BMW and DHL create & send their newsletters with CleverReach. Why? Because it’s simply clever. Do the same with your Ecwid online shop! Easily and quickly design professional newsletters for your customers with the CleverReach email marketing software – you don’t need any programming skills. Discover the extensive benefits of our integration solution for your Ecwid store. No risk at all thanks to our flexible pricing models without a contract term!

Exclusively for Ecwid customers: Get a 10% discount off your CleverReach rate for 12 months! It's that simple: discount is added to your shopping cart when creating a new account.

Features & Benefits

The module directly connects our CleverReach Email Marketing Tool with your Ecwid online shop. All your important „Ecwid“ data is instantly and continuously updated and added to the CleverReach newsletter tool. The synchronization saves you valuable time and trouble. At the same time, you avoid errors that occur during a manual import or export.

Synchronized Ecwid data:

  • Newsletter subscription and unsubscribes
  • First and last name, interests, gender, age, date of birth, address details...
  • Purchased products, revenue, order number, item number, product name, price, currency, quantity...
  • Product details of your Ecwid products such as image, text, price, size, material...
  • "Last order date" is automatically stored in the recipient’s data record (and can be used for email marketing automation)
  • it's that simple

Make use of these valuable data to create personal offers your customers really want. Benefit from more opens, more clicks and more conversions! This is your key to more revenue: Turn your customers into fans!

To download the extension, switch to the Ecwid App store and connect your Ecwid store with CleverReach without much effort, synchronize your shop data and create and send your first email.

Overview of the Key Features

  • Easily create and send email newsletters with the newsletter editor
  • Integrate the latest website content in your newsletter with just one click
  • Vast template collection: Use responsive, free templates or import your own templates from whatever system directly into CleverReach with the Template Converter
  • Analyze success and optimize your newsletters
  • GDPR compliant, highest security standards, Email Marketing made in Germany
  • Free online and phone support
  • Always the right price plan: customized, changeable at any time, no contract term - Scales for small and big contact lists: Flex for occasional senders, Essential for regular senders or Enterprise for big players

If you have any questions, contact our support team who'll be happy to assist you.

Connect Ecwid and CleverReach

The CleverReach newsletter plugin for Ecwid is set up within minutes, so you can start with your successful email marketing right away.
The CleverReach newsletter plugin is available in the Ecwid App Store. Switch to the Ecwid App Store now, click on “Get”, download the module and install it in the Ecwid backend.

About Ecwid

Ecwid is short for “E-Commerce Widget” and is, as the name suggests, not a conventional stand-alone online shop system. Instead, the SaaS solution can be integrated into existing web pages like a widget with a few lines of code. This makes Ecwid the ideal solution for existing websites and blogs and is often used in combination with website building kits. The very simple setup and configuration of the shopping function makes Ecwid the perfect plugin for newcomers to e-commerce.

For up to 10 products the use of the American tool is free of charge, above that different fees result, depending on the quantity of the products in the Shop. The free version can be sufficient, especially for blogs that only offer a product for purchase or download. In order to use all functions, users need a chargeable tariff.

Ecwid was originally developed for integration into social networks to enable online merchants to sell directly outside their actual online shops. With success: Ecwid is the leading e-commerce app on Facebook.