Use your Wice customer data for email marketing with CleverReach Newsletter Software

Email marketing the ideal channel for maintaining customer contacts - and CleverReach offers an ideal and feature-rich tool for this. With Wice CRM, you already use a customer relationship management software to build sustainable customer relationships. With the CleverReach email marketing integration, you expand your customer management possibilities many times over, because whether for new customer acquisition, for lead maintenance or for customer retention: without email marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) is almost impossible.

Use CleverReach as a software solution to send exciting and personalized newsletters to your Wice customers and benefit from the successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. To make the creation of mailing campaigns with CleverReach particularly easy, fast and secure for Wice users, Wice CRM has developed an integration solution to our CleverReach email marketing tool. This allows you to implement marketing processes that complement a holistic customer journey for your customers particularly quickly and efficiently.

The features of CleverReach integration for WICE CRM

Wice CRM's CleverReach integration solution offers emailing directly from your CRM system.

How it works:

You create your email address distribution list in Wice CRM and add various characteristics to the addresses via address management. With the help of the campaign manager of Wice CRM you can create target group specific distribution lists. These distribution lists can be transferred directly to CleverReach with the help of the e-mail marketing integration and used there for sending newsletters. This means that all your Wice customer data is synchronized with the CleverReach newsletter tool and can be used for your email campaigns. The automated exchange of information simplifies the creation of mailing campaigns. Moreover, users not only save time, but also minimize the risk of errors that can occur when data is transferred manually.

Reporting of sent mailings is fed back to Wice CRM. Based on important key figures you evaluate the success of your mailing. This data / information is synchronized:

  • Your Wice CRM address lists from the Campaigns section are transferred to CleverReach.
  • Additional data of your customers (e.g. e-mail address, name, first name) are automatically transferred as well.
  • The mailing is created and sent in CleverReach
  • Sent mailings are listed and displayed in your contacts
  • The key figures for evaluation are automatically transferred back to Wice CRM (opening rate, click rate, rating of participants, etc.)
  • Success measurement through conversion tracking (Google Analytics, IntelliAd) is also possible

Installing the Wice CRM Integration for CleverReach

To use the CleverReach plugin from Wice CRM, you need a CleverReach account and access to Wice CRM.

Configuration of the CleverReach plugin

  • When you first launch the CleverReach plugin in Wice CRM, you will be prompted to start authentication.
  • A new browser window will open. Click on the appropriate selection option to establish the connection between Wice CRM and CleverReach:
    • Create and connect a new CleverReach account.
    • Log in and connect to an existing CleverReach account
    • After successful authentication, you can use the plugin. You can now transfer your mailing lists, configure the plugin, etc.
    • Each time you use the plugin again, you will see an overview of the current mailing lists of your email campaigns sent via CleverReach.

About Wice CRM

Wice CRM is a browser-based (SaaS) CRM, sales and customer management solution that allows you to keep an eye on your customers at all times and successfully achieve your business goals. Wice CRM is designed in such a way that it can also be operated perfectly with a PDA, smartphone or tablet PC (iPad, Android, Blackberry) and addresses and telephone numbers can be accessed directly.

The Wice CRM system meets the highest security standards and is hosted exclusively in German data centers.