Gain more newsletter subscribers with the PopUp Maker Contact Form plugin for Wordpress

With pop-up forms you boost the sign-up rate of your WordPress newsletter, because the sign-up forms that suddenly pop up cannot be overlooked - and are therefore particularly successful!

A clear advantage for the PopUp Maker! And here are some more plus points:

  • Pop-ups are like trash TV icons: kind of annoying, but you can't avoid them. For this reason, the conversion rate is significantly higher than with a login button in the header or footer of the page.
  • Surprise effect: The pop-up suddenly appears, for example after a certain amount of time spent on the page or when the website visitor is actually about to leave. A previously set trigger such as user behaviour (the movement of the mouse cursor in the direction of leaving the page) activates the pop-up.
  • The pop-up requires attention because it is so large that it cannot be overlooked and it overlays everything else. The user must first perform an action before other actions are possible: Either click away or log in. 10 % - 15 % of all website visitors decide in favour of the latter with the exit pop-up.

You can find out more about pop-ups and other registration options on the website in our magazine article "10 ways to gain newsletter subscribers on your own website".

By the way: Don't be afraid of pop-up blockers! Technically speaking, the registration form that opens in the foreground is a modal, also known as a lightbox. This means that no new window is opened - which an activated blocker would suppress. The registration form as a modal, on the other hand, only moves to the foreground of the page, but it is subordinate to the main window of the page. This is why it is displayed despite the blocker being activated.

Combine the PopUp Maker with the CleverReach registration form to attract more newsletter subscribers to your WordPress site.

Connect WordPress with PopUp Maker now

Integrate CleverReach registration form into WordPress with the PopUp Maker

More newsletter subscribers for your WordPress blog thanks to the sign-up lightbox - is that possible? As of late: Yes! Combine the free PopUp Maker plugin with the CleverReach registration form and collect more email addresses from your visitors. To use both plugins - our CleverReach plugin for Wordpress and the PopUp Maker plugin - together, all you need to do is download and connect both plugins. To connect, insert the CleverReach form shortcode into the PopUp form.

How to integrate a CleverReach registration form into the Popup Maker:

  1. install both plugins: Download the plugins and install them in your WordPress backend.
    1. Popup Maker
    2. CleverReach WordPress Plugin
  2. connect CleverReach plugin to account: link your existing CleverReach account to the integration or create a new account and perform the first synchronisation.
  3. on the WordPress page of your CleverReach plugin, you will see your current forms for your WordPress recipient list. Select a form that you would like to display as a modal and copy its shortcode.
  4. create a new login window with the Popup Maker

To do this, go to the PopUp Maker plugin in the WordPress sidebar and click on "Add Popup".

Connect WordPress with PopUp Maker now

Setting up the login pop-up with the PopUp Maker

Now it continues in the PopUp Maker plugin:

5. give your new pop-up form a name. Then paste the copied shortcode of the CleverReach form into the content area. You also have the option of adding additional text, images or other content to the CleverReach form shortcode.

6. now define a trigger that triggers the display of the pop-up registration form on the target page so that the contact form pops up. You will find all the options for this below the content area. Possible triggers are a click, leaving the page (indicated by the cursor movement) or a timed trigger.

It is possible to restrict the display of the modal to certain pages of your WordPress website.

7. set live: The last step is to publish the popup. To check that everything is working as desired, go to the WordPress page(s) selected for the pop-up in preview mode. As soon as the selected trigger condition is met, the CleverReach form modal will appear.

Do you still have questions? Please also take a look at the article "Integrating-Wordpress-Forms-as-Popups-with-the-Popup-Maker" in the help section.

Connect WordPress with PopUp Maker now

Make your login pop-up irresistible

Pop-ups and lightboxes in themselves are already very successful in generating recipients for your WordPress newsletter. Together with irresistible offers and incentives, the incentive to sign up for your newsletter is even greater.

Attract your website visitors with these ideas:

  • Regular updates: Subscribers will no longer miss any of your posts
  • Special content such as tutorials, online workshops, tips from experts or guides
  • Advance offers for newsletter recipients only
  • An exclusive welcome gift - this can also be a white paper and e-book
  • Participation in a competition

If you also run an online shop, for example with WooCommerce, you can also offer these very popular incentives:

  • Free shipping with the first or every order
  • A discount or voucher code for the first order


Would you like more tips and ideas for more newsletter recipients?

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Connect WordPress with PopUp Maker now

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