Create your WordPress newsletter easily with CleverReach

Would you like to get started with your email marketing or optimise your email marketing? Great. With the WordPress newsletter integration from CleverReach, you can create professional newsletters quickly and easily. The CleverReach newsletter plugin for WordPress provides you with extensive functions that make your life easier and your email marketing more successful.

Before you can create your first WordPress newsletter with CleverReach, connect the CleverReach email marketing plugin to your WordPress backend. As soon as this is done and your recipient data is synchronised, you can get started.

First steps to successful email marketing

What type of newsletter do you want to create - a simple email to send once to your WordPress newsletter subscribers? Or do you want to create a newsletter for automated sending that can be used again and again? Try out our email marketing tool by creating a simple email to get started.

Simple e-mail:

With a simple email, you can use your newsletter to write to your Wordpress subscribers with customised content. A simple email is not triggered automatically, e.g. after a newsletter registration or a product purchase, but is sent manually by you after creation. To do this, go to "Create email" and then to "Create simple email".


You can also create emails that are sent automatically:

Automation mail:
In this case, the sending of your WordPress newsletter is also linked to the actions of your newsletter recipients. However, entire email chains can be created here, which are then scheduled and sent fully automatically. This means you can easily prepare autoresponders, discount codes and entire newsletter campaigns in advance. Everything else then happens fully automatically.

How to choose the right newsletter template

Your subscribers decide within the first few seconds whether they want to continue reading your newsletter or not. We therefore recommend that you invest a lot of thought and time not only in the creation of your email, but also in the design and layout of your Wordpress newsletter template.

CleverReach offers you various templates to choose from, which you can customise according to your needs. If you want to use a template for your WordPress newsletter that you don't need to change much, we recommend using the design templates. Our seasonal templates for different occasions offer you a suitable framework that you only need to fill with the appropriate content

Of course, it is also possible to use your own templates and content to set up your WordPress newsletter.

Questions to help you find the right newsletter template

  • Do I want to reach a target group that tends to be on the move?
  • Will I advertise a larger number of products in my WordPress newsletter?
  • Will I include a lot of text in my newsletter template?
  • Which format do I need for my images?
  • How do I want to set up the Wordpress newsletter template?
  • Can I customise the template of my CI accordingly?

Why design plays an important role in the creation of your newsletter

No matter how good your products are, if your WordPress newsletter is confusing or the design is not convincing, you can assume that your WordPress email will not be read with pleasure. This means that your open and click rates will not be satisfactory.

Every newsletter template needs a design concept. Starting with the choice of colour, through the text to the unsubscribe link.

Define the settings for your newsletter

In the campaign settings, you define basic settings such as the subject, your sender and campaign name, as well as your tracking options for your WordPress newsletter.

The subject line: Your target group will often decide whether or not to open your newsletter based on the subject line. Arouse the curiosity of your target group with a crisp, informative and creative subject line.

Sender name: Another door opener is the sender name of your WordPress newsletter. A combination of a personal sender name and company name is ideal. "Such as Isabel Peeters from CleverReach".

Campaign name: To ensure that you can find your campaign again, it is best to give it a name that allows you to immediately recognise the topic of the email.

How your WordPress newsletter reaches your target group

Your target group is also selected here. Would you like to send your e-mail to all your recipients? Or only to some of them? This can make sense so that your WordPress email reaches the right subscribers with relevant content. By segmenting email recipients in a targeted manner, you can achieve higher open and click rates than if you write to all newsletter recipients with all offers and promotions.

Once you have segmented your recipient list, you can select the segment that is relevant for your WordPress newsletter campaign.

Simply edit your WordPress newsletter using drag & drop

Would you like to edit your WordPress newsletter with little effort? Thanks to the Newsletter Editor from CleverReach, you can easily set up your newsletter. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly place images and content blocks in the right place. Editing images is also easy using drag & drop. Would you like to import products or RSS content from your online shop into your WordPress newsletter? You can easily do this in the CleverReach newsletter editor using drag & drop. Whether colours, fonts, font sizes, images or the position of elements, the principle of the WYSIWYG editor is simply explained: What you see is what you get. This means that while you are editing your Wordpress newsletter, you can see on your screen how your newsletter will look when you send it later.

Send your WordPress newsletter with an attachment?

Newsletters with attachments are often categorised as SPAM. This increases the possibility that they will be sorted out by the spam filter. Your time and effort would then have been completely wasted, as your WordPress newsletter would not even reach your newsletter subscribers due to the attachment. Due to our quality guidelines, CleverReach therefore does not offer the option of sending your WordPress newsletter with an attachment.


But we have a solution for you. And it's called: linking instead of attaching. This way you still have the opportunity to present your document to your newsletter recipients and at the same time increase the deliverability of your WordPress newsletter and the number of visitors to your website.

Save your document on your website or create your own landing page and simply include the link in your newsletter. You can do this simply by clicking on the link symbol. Your subscriber can then click on the corresponding link after receiving the newsletter and will be taken to the page on which the document is stored.

Have you finished creating your newsletter?

Is the newsletter ready? Then use the test dispatch to check whether everything is still in place when the newsletter arrives in various email clients. A design and spam test can be helpful here.

The final step is to tick off the checklist:

  • Correct recipient list selected?
  • Have you chosen the right subject?
  • Is the cancellation form correct?
  • Content fits?

Then you can send your WordPress newsletter - either immediately or conveniently planned in advance.

In our series "Email marketing for beginners", we explain how you can further optimise your WordPress newsletter, email by email, in an easy-to-understand way and enriched with lots of tips.

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