If you want to integrate the signup form for your CleverReach newsletter on your Wix page, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Log into CleverReach. Then click on Forms in the left sidebar and hit the Add form button.
  2. Add new form.
  3. Create a new form and either select an existing recipient list or create a new one (view screenshot). Save your work.
  4. Add a new Wix form
  5. Pick the version you like best.
  6. Edit the new form.
  7. After that, click on Source code/ Distribution, then hit Subscription.
  8. Go to Copy and Paste on Your Website and copy the generated source code.
  9. Now log into your Wix page.
  10. Navigate to Add > Others > Embedding > HTML iframe in your Wix website editor.
  11. Now enter the copied code from your CleverReach account under Enter HTML code.
  12. Done!

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