How to create your email list in WordPress for your newsletter with CleverReach

Do you already have email addresses saved in your WordPress backend? Then sit back and relax: when you connect the CleverReach plugin, your existing subscribers are automatically transferred to our feature-rich newsletter tool. A WordPress email list is also automatically created in CleverReach.

As part of the configuration, you are asked how to proceed with the existing users and subscribers. Various options are available for the initial import:

  • Existing user data not transferred as recipients (subscribers)
  • Transfer existing user data as recipients (subscribers)
  • Only transfer existing user data as recipients (subscribers) if they have the "Subscriber" role

By clicking on "Start synchronisation now", the WordPress users are transferred as contacts to CleverReach in the WordPress recipient list for newsletters. You can also explicitly mark users as newsletter recipients in WordPress.

Once the email addresses have been imported, the email list for WordPress is complete. But of course it shouldn't stop there. For even more successful email marketing, the email list should continue to grow. It is therefore important to gain more new subscribers and further develop the recipient list.

Use CleverReach registration form in WordPress

Are your readers enthusiastic about your blog and don't want to miss anything? With regular emails, you can inform them quickly and easily about new posts or promotions. Subscribing to your newsletter is just as quick and easy. CleverReach provides you with a free subscription form that you can integrate into your WordPress blog using source code.

With the CleverReach plugin for WordPress, you have two options for integrating the registration form on your WordPress site and thereby collecting addresses for your newsletter:

Integration via blocks in the Gutenberg Editor in the blog post

If you have already connected your CleverReach account to your website via a plugin, you can easily insert the newsletter registration form into your posts using a block. Log in to your WordPress account and go to a post, or create a new one. In the newer Gutenberg editor, you will find an area for CleverReach under the "+" in the list of blocks. Select the blog "Registration form" here. The registration form will appear at the desired position in the post.

Integrate registration form via the shortcode

Alternatively, you can also use the shortcode for your CleverReach registration form. To do this, call up the "CleverReach" item in the WordPress menu. Here you will find the shortcode for the newsletter registration form that you have created in your CleverReach account. The shortcode is a code that you can use, including the square brackets (for example [cleverreach form=123456]), wherever you want to place the form on your WordPress site. This can be in a post, but also in the footer (via widgets) or on a separate page.

Collect addresses with the help of a teaser (quiz, voucher, whitepaper...)

With the help of an incentive, collecting addresses will work even better and your e-mail list will continue to grow.

Discount vouchers are suitable as a goodie for online shops. But what is suitable for a WordPress blog? How about expert knowledge in the form of a white paper? High-quality digital guides are an excellent way to score points with the respective target group and generate leads at the same time.

A clever quiz or competition is also an excellent teaser for collecting email addresses for your WordPress newsletter. You can find many more ideas for collecting addresses on our blog PUSH///.

Important: Please note that it is not permitted to link quiz participation to a newsletter subscription. However, there is nothing to stop you from suggesting a regular newsletter subscription; the corresponding confirmation box must not already be ticked.

Newsletter registration with social media integration

Sign Up with Facebook und Co! Collecting new email addresses is not limited to your WordPress site. Use your website's social media presence to subscribe to your WordPress newsletter. You can also integrate a newsletter subscription via your own Facebook page.

Use another integration for this: The CleverReach app for "Facebook LeadAds". First select the corresponding Facebook page. In the next step, define the recipient list that you have created in the account.

Now your Facebook fans can subscribe to your WordPress newsletter via a lead ads form. When a new recipient submits the form, their data is transferred to the previously selected recipient list at CleverReach, in this case your WordPress email list.

List management: Create recipient groups

A lot helps a lot? This is especially true for your email list: The bigger it is, the better, because the more recipients it reaches, the higher the chance that someone will click on the link in the WordPress newsletter. And more clicks mean more traffic! However, a large subscriber group also means a large number of different interests: What is exciting for one reader is by no means exciting for everyone. The result: despite a large distribution list, the percentage of openings is very low.

This can be prevented - or at least minimised - by clever list management: Divide your recipients into groups! Create different groups according to age, gender, place of residence, etc. Send different newsletters with different WordPress content to different target groups! To do this, use segments and tags.

With tagging, you can regroup your recipients again and again and change your WordPress recipient list from newsletter to newsletter in this way. This means that the right recipients always receive the information that is important and interesting for you.

And if you are thinking about how you can find out who is interested in what: Don't fish in the dark! Simply ask about their interests or their favourite newsletter frequency. In your next newsletter!

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