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The perfect way to address your business customers: Use our newsletter software to inspire your corporate customers with unique email campaigns.

  • Legally compliant e-mails
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  • Email automation
E-Mail Marketing Lösung für B2B

The versatile newsletter software for your B2B email marketing

Even in the B2B sector, email marketing is one of the most important pillars in the marketing mix. Use CleverReach's comprehensive newsletter software for targeted email campaigns to your B2B customers. Send newsletters to your business partners with

  • Product news, service emails, invitations to events or webinars
  • Industry topics & company news

Automated mailings

With email routes once created, your B2B customers will always receive the right mail.

Clear reporting

Our monitoring provides an easy-to-understand overview of the success of your newsletter campaigns.

Always the right tariff

With our flexible, no-contract pricing, you only pay for the emails you actually send.

Secure server locations

Send privacy-compliant newsletters - secure delivery through whitelisting.

Comprehensive recipient management

Segmentation and tagging for personalized newsletters to your B2B customers.

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Convince your B2B customers with email marketing

E-Mail Marketing für B2B

Newsletters are a much-used marketing tool in the consumer sector - and rightly so! No other marketing measure has such a high ROI (return on investment) or can be measured similarly well. Use the unique advantages for your business contacts as well! Email marketing campaigns for business customers and partners can be created just as quickly as for end consumers. The 4 most important tips for B2B email marketing can be found here:

  • Recipient lists: A B2B recipient list is rather small, because the contacts are the decision makers of a company, and the number of these people is manageable. This makes each individual address all the more important. It is therefore worthwhile to investigate whether the contact person has changed in the case of undeliverable mails (bounces). Caution: In this case, do not simply change the e-mail address - the new contact person must agree to receive the newsletter. Use the double opt-in procedure for this!
  • Structure: Get to the point quickly and inform your business partner sufficiently, but not extensively. Your newsletter should be seen as valuable, not a time-waster.
  • Content: The ideal B2B newsletter should be as compact as possible, while at the same time the products and services are complex and require explanation. Solve this contradiction by planning multi-level campaigns and serve your business partners easily digestible or understandable morsels!
  • Conversion: Decision-making processes in the B2B sector are much longer and more complex than in B2C campaigns, because several departments and employees are usually involved. In return, business deals are usually high-priced and individual. Striking call-to-action buttons are therefore out of place in B2B newsletters; instead, it makes sense to have a personal contact person with whom the customer can discuss the offer.

Your recipient management: Collecting, segmenting and personalizing addresses


In B2B, you can get the contact data of your recipient list at industry events such as trade shows or conferences, as well as through your website. Since you want to collect high-quality leads - the addresses of decision-makers and executives - your incentive should also be high-quality: offer knowledge and information exchange instead of coupons and sweepstakes. Suitable are

  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Case studies and
  • Invitations to industry events

Even with a manageable address list, segmentation into different recipient groups is worthwhile. This way, your contacts will receive the content that is right for them. For example, you can send different versions of your newsletter according to previous orders or services used, or even your contact's zip code.

Increase the relevance of your B2B newsletters even further through personalization. Address your contact person personally and send them offers individually tailored to them and their company.

Important: B2B e-mail marketing is not a one-way street, but the prelude to successful customer communication - convince your customers with a well thought-out and appropriate approach.

CleverReach integrations - your key to seamless customer communication

Newsletter Integrationen

With CleverReach, you can very easily create and manage your B2B recipient lists. It is even easier if you integrate our comprehensive email marketing software tool directly into your CRM, CMS or e-commerce system. You can find an overview of our ready-made modules and plugins under Integrations. With the help of the CleverReach extension, the effort required to transfer data from one system to another is reduced - and at the same time you avoid errors that can occur when exporting manually.

Depending on the system used, this data is synchronized in the CleverReach Newsletter Tool:

  • Subscriptions and unsubscriptions, personal data
  • Order and other information about the previous business relationship
  • Contents of your website or store

The professional newsletter tool for B2B

Newsletter-Tool von CleverReach

Use the advantages of CleverReach's professional newsletter software for your B2B newsletter marketing:

  • Newsletter creation in three editors (Drag&Drop, HTML and source code editor ) possible.
  • Comprehensive recipient management
  • Personalization, segmentation
  • Integration of website and dynamic content
  • Extensive reporting and tracking functions
  • E-mail marketing automation
  • Highest data security and delivery rates
  • Free support