Vacationizr: Direct Customer Approach in Staff Leave Management Through Email Automation

Jacqueline Schwestka
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Direct Customer Approach in Staff Leave Management Through Email Automation

Digitization is constantly entering staff leave management more and more, especially when it comes to managing vacation and absence times of team members. Most companies still use pen and paper or Excel sheets for this. This is not only inconvenient, but also time consuming and prone to errors.

The Vacationizr, a B2B product by Ashampoo Systems GmbH & Co. KG, is a software to bring forward the digitization of staff leave management and allows you to plan, manage and approve vacation and absence times of your team.

Case Study Vacationizr

The challenge

Ashampoo Systems GmbH & Co. KG wants to promote their latest product, the Vacationizr, a SaaS solution for staff leave management, and improve the direct customer approach and interaction, as well as support their customers during their customer journey.

Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG was looking for a communication channel that allows them to take their users by the hand right from the start. Immediately after signing up, customers should be provided with everything they need and get intensive support during their first steps.

The constantly growing company is also facing the challenge of establishing a marketing and sales department, which ideally should manage all direct communication with only one tool.

The selected tool should seamlessly integrate into an existing system, and create automated and personalized newsletter campaigns for existing and new customers.

The solution

Ashampoo Systems GmbH & Co. KG has decided to use the CleverReach® email marketing software as their communication channel. As CleverReach® offers simple ways of integration, the Vacationizr team could easily incorporate it into their existing systems. After only a short training period, the marketing and sales team could easily create newsletters and automated email campaigns in the newsletter editor on their own.

The three-part welcome series containing of a welcome email, a support email sent in advance and an email concerning the processing of data, is their starting point in customer communication. In addition to their regular newsletter communicating the latest news, they created another automated email for reengaging inactive customers.

The result

With an average open rate of 62.60%, Ashampoo Systems came to the conclusion that a welcome email after a registration is well received by new customers. The evaluation showed that 78% of all clicks from the welcome series led to the FAQ page of the company. It quickly became clear that users were looking for information accompanying their setup right after a registration. As a consequence, a chatbot was integrated as an addition to the FAQs to help users in real time.

Four weeks after the introduction of the welcome series, user interaction had increased significantly. Also, for the first time Ashampoo Systems was able to implement customer recovery measures in a simple and straightforward manner.

An outlook

More Email Automations to Support the Customer Journey

Case Study Vacationizr

With the help of the CleverReach email automation tool THEA, Ashampoo Systems wants to create and send completely automated email series, trigger-based emails and newsletter campaigns in the future. It’s important to them that they can accompany their customers throughout the entire Customer Journey.

„The quick and proper way of communicating with our customers is essential for our young product. With the email marketing solution of CleverReach, we can go along new customers when they take their first steps directly after their registration and guide them through our system.  CleverReach offers all features we expect of an email marketing tool. Starting with the creation process including provided templates and comprehensive analysis options, up to marketing automation. 

Since we offer our services strictly according to European and German data protection guidelines, it was also important to us to find a partner who represents the same values.“

Henning Seedorf, CMO, Ashampoo Systems GmbH & Co. KG.

Accompany Your Customers Along Their Journey With Email Automation

The email marketing case study from Ashampoo Systems shows that even simple autoresponders can improve customer retention automatically. New recipients can be quickly provided with the most important information about your company. And follow-up mailings to non-openers or after expiration of promotional periods automatically reach your recipients for you, while you have more time for your daily business. Especially for products that require explanation, email automations take work off your hands and increase customer loyalty throughout the entire customer journey!

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About Ashampoo Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Ashampoo Systems GmbH & Co. KG is a vital part of a successful group of companies and a young, employee-led company. Their roots lie in the development and architecture of software systems for end customers. With skills from 20 years of software development and a team that is passionate about new technologies, they would like to offer their expertise to other companies. Their spectrum includes the digitalization of business processes through online services for every type of company.

About Vacationizr

Vacationizr is the online vacation planner that takes care of planning and managing vacation and absence times and ensures that requests and approvals do not take up more time than necessary. From now on, vacation requests can be requested and approved from any device. The web-based vacation planner software ensures that there are no conflicts or errors in vacation management and that team members can better coordinate their work. Vacationizr is flexible and adapts to any company, whether it is a start-up or a company with more than 500 employees. You want to see the number of remaining vacation days, whether there are bank holidays and bridging days or take a look at your team’s vacation and absence times? No problem, Vacationizr makes vacation scheduling modern and transparent. The level of transparency can be adjusted individually for each team or department.