About us

CleverReach® is one of the leading international email marketing companies. With our cloud-based solution we help companies around the world with the creation, mailing and analysis of email marketing campaigns.

Where we come from

Founded in 2007 as a technology service provider for email marketing, CleverReach® has over 130,000 customers in 152 countries now.

Thanks to its sophisticated technology, large number of interfaces to CMS, CRM or shop systems, personal support and good value for money, our solution can be set-up and used by the customer in just a few minutes.

CleverReach® is famous for its competent customer service and the highest technology standards as well as for an easy and quick implementation of the solution.

Facts about CleverReach®

  • Founded in 2007
  • More than 130,000 customers worldwide
  • Member of the Certified Senders Alliance
  • Conformity with EU data protection laws
  • Sending and tracking of more than 150 million emails per month