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Black Weekend is on its way and countless shopping carts are at the ready to be filled.

Perhaps, you’ve already had a glance at our last PUSHIII article on Clever Friday and are now right in the middle of planning your email campaign. Today, we’ll go into detail and give you some helpful tips and tricks that pave the way for your perfect Black Weekend campaign. Use the upcoming days and weeks to optimally prepare your newsletter marketing for these shopping event days!

Promotion periods vary from shop to shop

This year, the Black Weekend starts on November 23 with the “Clever Friday”. Many online retailers, however, start their promotion campaigns much earlier. Others extend their campaigns with the Cyber Week or turn a whole month into Black November. There are online retailers who offer their promotions even until just before Christmas.

It’s up to you when you want to start your email campaign and special offers and if you want them to last only for a couple of days from Clever Friday to Cyber Monday, or if you’re going for a whole month. You know best what makes sense for your online shop.

In any case, make sure to get your subscribers psyched for your Black Weekend offers!

The most sought-after products on Clever Friday!

For e-commerce retailers, shopping events are the best that can happen to them. These days promise a high increase in turnover. A survey by Mydealz reveals which products are most in demand on the Black Weekend days in 2018. According to the respondents, products from the following categories will end up in the shopping cart most frequently:

  • fashion
  • food
  • cosmetics
  • furniture and interior design/decorative items
  • sports and leisure

Technical items such as mobile devices, TVs and household appliances are also in great demand among online shoppers. But also the travel industry is excited about Clever Friday and Cyber Monday. Many people use the shopping event days and weeks to book cheap travel bargains.

Cleverly combine your products and let them enter the limelight!

Seek and you shall find! But some searches take up time … and in the end the interested person gives up frustrated. Best use photos with product compilations. Your newsletter recipient sees at once glance, which shoes go with their new coat, what food matches their wine and what cushion looks great on their new couch. Especially when you have a large selection of products, such optical signposts are a great help for many online shoppers. It also gives you the opportunity to present your products creatively, cleverly and attractively.


These ideas will certainly go down well on your Black Weekend.

Special shopping advantages are already half the battle to reach your subscribers with promising offers. But even here are many creative ways to implement your Black Weekend promotions or Clever-Friday deals. Here are just a few ideas of what your promotions might look like.

  • Black-Sale-Friday: Reduce only certain (black) products
  • Favorite-Item-Day: Your customers get a discount X on their favorite item.
  • Best-Cyber-Deal: Reduce only your bestsellers at the best-deal price.
  • Clever-Friday-Sale: Only your subscribers receive special newsletter offers.
  • Shop-Two-Friday: Of two items, the cheaper one is free

Ideas for the fashion industry:

  • 30% off all coats
  • 20% off the winter collection
  • 20% off one favorite item
  • It’s a steal! On Clever Friday, the cheapest item is free
  • 30 % on all black products starting from a purchase of X Euro

Ideas for the technology industry:

  • Buy TV X and get a tablet X for free
  • Smartphone X including Smart Watch X
  • Coupon X e.g. 100 € discount for a purchase of 500 € or more
  • 19% off tablets by brand X
  • Free shipping, only on Clever Friday

Ideas for the furniture and decoration industry:

  • 20% off all Christmas products
  • 20% off your favorite item of furniture
  • Free shipping + service included
  • Buy for 50€ and receive 10€ voucher
  • 15% off the entire interior design section

There are many ways to get your subscribers and customers excited. Use them for higher email open rates and boosting sales.


How your email campaign runs like clockwork

In order to keep track of your newsletter campaign for the Black Weekend and not to miss a sending date, we recommend the use of automation workflows. Use THEA do determine when you want to send out your newsletters.

3 examples of how to create automation workflows

Clever Friday Campaign


Our Clever-Tip:

Simply log into CleverReach®, click on the menu item „Automation THEA“, select „New workflow“ and „Multi-level workflow“. Simply use the template „Discount offer“, to create a new campaign for Clever Friday.


Fashion: Black-Sale-Friday




Clever Friday Campaign with advance notice


Our Clever-Extra-Tip:

Start planning now, which products and services you want to highlight for your subscribers. In our backend we provide you with newsletter templates for Clever Friday that allow you to easily implement your Black Weekend newsletter. Create an automation workflow for this.

Morny Russell

Morny is a text juggler for Cleverreach® and writes on all aspects of email marketing. In her spare time, she is an avowed foodie and passionate instagrammer.