2020 Australian Social Media and Content Marketing Calendar

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Have you ever wondered who comes up with all of those events that are mentioned on social media, news broadcasts or pop-up activations across your city? I mean, who invented National Superhero Week or World Emoji Day?

With so much branding going on in the digital marketing and media landscape these days, it can feel hard to keep up with all the events in the world. It can be difficult to distinguish which events are trivial with those that attached to a significant cause.

A great social media or content marketing superstar is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to affiliate their brand with popular events that have some sort of public interest. But with so many events, you can’t cover them all and nor should you.

You’re probably familiar with newsjacking where a brand capitalises on a recent event in the news cycle. For example, when a Northern Territory insurance company gifted former President Barack Obama “crocodile insurance” during his 2011 visit to Australia.

So what if you could get ahead of the curve and plan out a whole year’s worth of emails and social media posts that are bound to get noticed? Scheduling tools like our automated mailings can help you plan email campaigns for specific events like Black Friday and Boxing Day sales.

Of course, there are a few tips that can help you maximise the value of your brand positioning and help avoid any costly mistakes:

1. You should really focus on which events are going to resonate with your audience

  • If you’re a fitness eCommerce brand, it would make a lot more sense to be promoting health events such as National Heart Week run by the Heart Foundation as opposed to National Law Week. We call this strategic brand positioning.

2. Try to monitor the event on news and social media sites before automatically triggering a scheduled social media post

  • Public events can turn sour due to external factors, especially events that are likely to be controversial. For example, the Melbourne Cup has been under pressure over recent years from animal welfare activists. So if you’re an online beauty business that promotes its products as being free of animal-cruelty, you may face the court of public opinion.

3. See what your competitors have published for similar events, previously and put your own spin on them

  • If your competitor is a clothing store whose staff are dressing up for Splendour in the Grass, then go one better and decorate your entire store. Then post photos on your store’s Insta and theme your EDMs around the hipster music event. Unless your store caters to over 55’s.

Here are some clever examples of email and social media marketing campaigns based on Australian events:

Crema Coffee Garage

Crema Coffee Garage is a specialty coffee roaster in the hip city of Newcastle who also happen to sell some pretty groovy alternative brewing equipment online. Think cold brew and cold drip, pour-over, syphon, Chemex, french press and so much more.

Crema are eco-warriors when it comes to sustainable production, sourcing biodegradable BioPak takeaway cups and encouraging customers to bring their own Keepcup. Last year, they wrote an awesome blog post on the back of the ABC’s “War on Waste” program which has since received over 3000 views!

They also promote relevant causes on their social media, such as “Plastic Free July”. As well as providing useful tips to keep the planet healthy, it gave them a great opportunity to promote their range of metal straws, reusable cups and even nut milk processors!

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Renovation Kingdom

Affectionately known as Reno Kingdom, this Sydney based bathroom and kitchen wholesaler has had products featured on popular tv shows such as House Rules.

Last year, the Channel 7 show House Rules averaged around 782,000 viewers for the season premiere and 730,000 for the season finale. Their Facebook page has over 342k followers and is a great way to join in the conversation with the show’s hashtag #houserules.

These days you can even schedule your social media posts and email marketing campaigns to pop up during the show’s air time. Because let’s face it, you’re probably checking your phone during the ad breaks anyway.

Find out which shows are relevant to your business and then you add these dates to your marketing calendar. Most television broadcasters have already released their programming schedule for 2020 but make sure you know your audience. You might not want to be promoting posts for seniors insurance during the Bachelor.

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The Party People

The party supply industry lends itself to a lot of fun events such as weddings, birthday parties and even gender reveals. Of course, one of the biggest events on the calendar year would have to be Halloween!

If you’re a company that specialises in a lot of events, then it makes sense to run marketing events in your space. Because who needs an excuse to have a party! When you’re in the business of costumes, get everyone involved. Run a social media competition, encourage customers to take photos online or host an event and hire a photographer!

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There’s always an event happening in your city, across the country or the world. Stuck for ideas?

Download our template to create your 2020 Australian Social Media and Content Marketing Calendar.

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