WordPress Email Subscription

Easily Collect Email Subscriptions via your WordPress Page

Always keep your WordPress followers up-to-date with a newsletter! An email surely reaches your subscribers more than anything else, as emails go directly into the inboxes of their personal email account. And once it’s there, your new WordPress post is just a click away.

But there is one thing left before sending your email to your readers: The signup for your newsletter. Before they have subscribed you can’t send them anything – plus you need the email addresses of your readers.

With the CleverReach Plugin for WordPress the signup for your WordPress newsletter is extremely easy and secure.

Customizing and Using the Newsletter Signup Form

Our email marketing software provides our users with all the features required for legally compliant newsletter marketing. Use our signup form and make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Create your signup form via the forms function. Go to your CleverReach® account and navigate to „Forms“. Please select “WordPress” as the list, so all recipients will end up in this one list later.

WordPress En subscription form CleverReach®

Turn our form into your form: Simply customize it to fit your WordPress page. Use the tab pages to edit the respective sections:

WordPress En subscription form CleverReach®2

Design: Set the basic formatting. For example, specify the colors of the frame, background, or button and select the right font. All changes not only affect the form, but also the landing pages for subscriptions and unsubscribes.

Content: First, select the form you want to edit, such as signup form or opt-in email. In the left side bar, you can find the respective modules you can customize in this particular form. To enter data such as the name of the follower, select the “Text field” item. It’s essential that you select a corresponding data field from the drop-down menu. You can add up to 45 data fields. Click here for further information on using data fields in recipient lists.

Settings: Go to “Settings“ to adjust all the basics.

Source code / Distribution: Navigate to „Source code /  Distribution“ and have the source code of the form for the inclusion on your WordPress page displayed.

How to get the Email Subscription onto your WordPress Page

Log into your WordPress account. In your menu, you find your CleverReach® plugin. On the dashboard of the plugin, you will find your signup forms on the right hand side.

Simply copy the short code of the form you want to use. If you haven’t set up a subscription form yet, you can still find a default form here that you can edit and save at CleverReach®. The changes will be synchronized with the plugin and are available in your WordPress backend immediately.

Implement a subscription form in your post manually

You can include the CleverReach® signup form in your posts – simply go to “Posts“ in your WordPress menu and navigate to “add new“.
You can add the copied shortcode in your text where ever you wish.
Use the preview to check if the form looks right to you and save your changes.

Implement a subscription form in your post via button in toolbar

Also, the form shortcode can be inserted through a classic editor tool. In the tools panel, click on the CleverReach® icon. A popup window will be opened, where a specific form can be selected.

If you wish to edit the selected form, click on the ‘Open in CleverReach’ link. If no further modifications are needed, you can add your form by clicking on the “insert” button. Save your changes to the post to display your sign up form in your post.

Implement a subscription form in your post in the Gutenberg editor

Since WordPress 5, instead of a classic editor, the new Gutenberg editor is introduced. To add your subscription form with this editor, you need to add a new Gutenberg block by clicking on the “+” icon.
From the select menu, click on the CleverReach® category and choose the subscription form block.

The new Gutenberg block will be added to a page, where you can select one CleverReach® form from the dropdown list.

By choosing one CleverReach® form, its content will appear in the editor. The selected form can be changed in the form settings sidebar on the right side. Also, the selected form can be modified at CleverReach® by clicking on the ‘Edit in CleverReach’ link.

Under the Advanced in the sidebar menu, additional CSS classes can be added to the CleverReach® form. Please note that CSS classes with an invalid name will not be added to the selected form. As in the classic editor, after clicking on update and preview, the selected form will appear on the frontend.
Adding your subscription form to a separate page works in the same way as adding it to a post of yours.

Add your subscription form to the footer

Another option is to add the signup form in the footer in the HTML section of your WordPress blog.

Simply go to „Appearance“ – Customize“.

WordPress_EN_Email Subscription3_CleverReach®

Continue with clicking on „Widgets“. Here, you can select the CleverReach® widget. Drag this widget into your footer where you wish for it to appear:

From the dropdown menu, one of the available forms can be chosen. As in the classic and the Gutenberg editor, a selected form can be modified at CleverReach® if you want to alter it. After selecting a specific form, and clicking on the save button, the form will appear in a specified page section on a frontend page.

Your form is now displayed in the footer at the bottom of your WordPress page.

This happens when a lead subscribes to your WordPress newsletter

You have customized your signup form and added it to your WordPress page? Then your readers and/ or customers can start signing up directly in your blog for your newsletter. That’s not only convenient but also safe! With our signup form you can be sure that you meet the requirements for newsletter subscription in compliance with GDPR.

When signing up via the CleverReach® form function, double opt-in is standard. This means that the new subscriber will automatically receive a confirmation email that contains a link. Only after a click on this link their email address will be added to the recipient list. This is documented by CleverReach®, as legally required.

Unsubscribing is also legally compliant with CleverReach®: There’s an unsubscribe link in every newsletter that’s linked to your address book. Only one click unsubscribes your recipient from your newsletter and their email address is no longer contacted.