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Email Marketing Automation for WordPress with CleverReach® Plugin

Always send the right email to your users with email automation: With the CleverReach® newsletter plugin for WordPress you have an effective connection between our powerful newsletter tool and your WordPress blog. The link synchronizes the data and content of both systems so you can send newsletters to your users even more easily and conveniently. By the help of the CleverReach® Automation tool THEA, The Easy Automation, you reduce manual effort to a minimum. Create your fully automated email campaigns once and always stay in contact with your subscribers on a regular basis.

Why Automated Email Marketing Campaigns for WordPress?

No matter whether you use WordPress for a blog or for “static” websites: With automated email marketing campaigns you get more for less – automatically get more customers, recommendations, traffic, and customer retention while you work on other parts of your business!

The possible ways of using email automation for WordPress are as diverse as the websites that are realized with the help of the CMS. Typical goals of email marketing campaigns for WordPress pages are:

Customer loyalty through regular emails sent thanks to automation

Keep in touch with your subscribers and grow a personal bond. That turns customers into fans, who are likely to recommend you to their friends or business partners. There are various ways of using email automation for increasing customer retention:

Welcome campaign: Your subscriber wants to know more about you and signs up for your newsletter. Use their subscription as a trigger for a series of welcome emails. In a pre-defined sequence they get

  • A confirmation email
  • Insider tips on a particular blog topic
  • Links to your bestseller stories.

Birthday email: Ask for your subscriber’s birthday when they sign up for your email and send them a personal birthday email every year.

Confirmation email: Your users comment on a blog post or order something from your WordPress page? The respective autoresponder automatically and promptly sends a confirmation. Personalization makes it even more individual.

Follow-up email after an offer: Kill two birds with one stone with an automatically sent follow-up mail! Asking your customers for their opinion makes them feel appreciated and increases customer retention – plus you get valuable insights on how your offer is received.

More traffic on your WordPress pages through automated emails

Many visitors on your pages means that they really love your blog or website – and with the integration of ads, every visit pays off.

But even your most loyal fan wouldn’t always want to check if you have posted some new content. That’s why it’s best to inform them via email on a regular basis.

With every blog post: You have uploaded new content? Tell your subscribers about it. With email automation, you don’t have to do anything to ensure that your subscribers receive a notification in their email inbox (feature available end of 2019).

Monthly Update: Sometimes less is more and your recipients like it better when you only send them a monthly newsletter that contains promising teasers for new content.

Reminder email for non-openers: Use automation to check who has opened your newsletter and who hasn’t. Subscribers who didn’t open your newsletter receive a reminder email after a pre-defined period of time – and your open rates increase!

CleverReach® THEA automated Emails for WordPress

Especially for Shops

You can also realize online shops based on WordPress by integrating shop plugins. Especially in this area, the possibilities of using email marketing campaigns are extremely diverse. With THEA, you can very easily create single-track as well as multi-level automation workflows on the virtual drawing board. Check PUSH/// for our tips for Email Automation for E-Commerce.

How to Simply Create Automated Email Marketing Campaigns for WordPress

Our email automation tool is called THEA for a reason – it’s short for: THe Easy Automation. Easily create automation workflows with THEA. THEA has lots of benefits:

  • Modular design
  • Intuitive user interface on a virtual drawing board
  • Single-track or multi-level workflows
  • Already prepared common automation workflows

How to create your workflow:

Start by defining a trigger that starts the automation workflow, like a subscription or a certain date.

After that, specify the respective action that should be performed, such as sending a newsletter or loading a list of recipients.

Under flow control you can find possible ways of how the workflow continues. For example, filter with the “IF function” and define how the automation goes on for individual recipients or define a certain number of days after which the next mail will be sent.

Now it’s time to create the respective emails. Once this is done, your emails are sent over and over again, without any effort.

Find more on our THEA – Automation Center on our support pages.

Email Marketing Automation Pays Off

No matter if you run a WordPress company website or a hobby blog: stay in contact with your users without any effort with the CleverReach® email marketing plugin for WordPress! With our automation tool THEA, you can set up an email automation workflow quickly and easily, even without any programming knowledge. Turn readers and customers into fans!

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