WooCommerce Email Filters

How Email Filters Increase Your WooCommerce Success

Email filters are key to meet the needs of your WooCommerce customers, because they help you design your content according to different target groups. Segment your recipients by their sex, age, purchase or click behaviour and send content tailored to each recipient.

  • Segment recipients according to opening behavior for follow-ups
  • Filter recipients according to their interest in your products
  • Send separate content to different groups automaticall

Unlike the WooCommerce Customizer, our plugin enables you to individualize and automate your marketing emails – no coding skills required. Simply drag and drop your content into your emails as needed!

Reach your Recipients with Email Filters Based on their Behaviour

Take advantage of THEA: With THEA, the easy email automation, you can filter recipients according to their actions. This way you can respond individually to your recipients – with a minimum of effort.

Send a reminder to non-openers by using email filters

You can use our automation to send dedicated emails to recipients who didn’t open your last newsletters so only these non-openers will get a reminder email. Chances are good that this will increase awareness for your messages and you will potentially sell more products.


The activity-filter (1) in the automation centre can be used to nudge recipients who didn’t open your first email. In order to do so, set the condition in the filter to “opened email”. If this condition is not fulfilled, non-openers will receive only those newsletters that follow the “false” branch. Use this opportunity to address these recipients with different subject lines or special offers.

Reactivate (almost) lost recipients

Working with segments is one of the easiest ways to filter your email content. You can utilize this feature to wake up sleeping newsletter recipients. Use this opportunity to send an irresitable offer to this group of people so that they can’t help but shop at your WooCommerce store! In order to send a reactivation email, you need a segment containing customers who didn’t spend money at your WooCommere store within a certain time frame. Every customer who didn’t buy anything within this time span will automatically enter this segment.
Find out in detail how to segment your recipients here.


Use this segment to send your reactivation campaign automatically. Our predefined automations make it especially easy for you! Choose the single-track workflow starting with an event in our Automation Centre. Here you can automate your reactivation email and send to new recipients in your segment automatically.

Send separate content to different recipients with the funnel-filter

Our automation centre offers you different filters to segment your recipients automatically. Beside the activity-filter you can make use of the funnel-filter (marked (2) in the automation above). It helps you to make use of the information in the data fields of your recipients. One possibility is to send different emails to male and female recipients – simply filter your customers according to their gender. Find more ideas on how to segment your mailing list in our online magazine PUSHIII.

Filter recipients according to their interest in your products

Send your recipients only offers they will love and target your customers more individually by sending them specific product information. How? Just filter your content according to their interest. If you display different products in your newsletter, you can target the people who clicked ertain products separately.

Imagine that you send an email with new accessories from your WooCommerce shop to all your recipients. In our automation centre, you can use the activity-filter to add a product-related tag to those recipients who clicked on a certain link. In the workflow below, we chose to tag people who are interested in shoes. 3 days later, a segment that contains only people with the “shoe” tag will receive a follow-up email with shoe-related content.

Please note that you have to set up the corresponding segment beforehand.

An automation has the added value that you simply set up conditions which the program processes automatically for you. However, in singular emails it is also possible to filter your recipients using segments. Simply create the segment you need and choose it in your lists when setting up a new email.


Benefit from Email Filters and Increase the Success of your WooCommerce shop

Email filters can help you to address your recipients separately. Whether you separate your recipients by their actions, certain characteristics or their interests; filters enable you to individualize even your automated emails with ease!