WooCommerce Email Automation

Simply get started with Email Automation at WooCommerce

Email automation makes our lives easier because they do a lot of work for us. Whether start-up or established company, with THEA, the clever email automation of CleverReach®, WooCommerce users can easily create automated email campaigns.

With email automation, your newsletters are sent automatically and the time of sending can be linked to the behaviour of the subscribers or buyers. For example, after registering for the WooCommerce newsletter, purchasing a product or if a customer of your WooCommerce online shop has not made a purchase for a while.

This way your email campaigns run like clockwork. Use THEA from CleverReach® to increase the success of your WooCommerce online shop and cleverly design your email campaigns. Email automation makes your daily work easier. Through automation you save a lot of effort in direct communication with your WooCommerce – online shop customers, increase efficiency and sales as well as strengthen customer loyalty at the same time.

So use THEA, the smart email automation solution to increase your revenue.

Start with your WooCommerce Welcome Email

Welcome your subscribers with a personalized welcome email after subscribing to your newsletter. New subscribers even expect to hear from you. It’s not without reason that the opening rate of a welcome email is particularly high. Use the welcome email, for example, to send your customers a welcome gift in the form of a discount voucher. The joy will be twice as great.

WooCommerce Email Automation - CleverReach

Step 1: How to set up your welcome email

First set up your automated welcome email as automation. After logging into your CleverReach® account, simply select “Automation Email” from the menu after clicking the “Create email” button. Then you can use the Drag’n’Drop editor to easily customize your welcome email. You can either create your own template and use it in THEA or create your welcome email directly in THEA.

WooCommerce_Automation Screenshot 1_CleverReach®

Step 2: Set up your welcome email segment

Once you connect your WooCommerce store to CleverReach®, your subscriber information is automatically transferred to our email marketing tool. To reach new recipients in your list, simply create a segment in your list menu. Select the condition “Activated on”, then X days ago and set the time frame to 1 day. In this way, only those who activated yesterday will receive your welcome email. Just one more step and then you can get started with your welcome email.

WooCommerce_1 day ago Segment_CleverReach

Step 3: Automate your Welcome Newsletter

Visit the THEA automation center and select the “Calendar” welcome route, which makes it easy for you to automatically reach new receivers. Now use the calendar function, click “daily” and enter your desired time. Select the corresponding segment with the new newsletter recipients who should now receive their welcome email from your WooCommerce online shop.

WooCommrce_Email Automation 1 - CleverReach®

Simply select the greeting email you just created and add it to the greeting path. Done.

WooCommerce Email Automation 3 - CleverReach®.png

Great! You made it. As soon as the content of your welcome email is ready and you are 100% sure about the recipient list to which your new subscribers are to be added, you can activate automation with the controller in the upper right corner.

In addition to welcome emails, there are of course more newsletters that you can easily create in THEA and send automatically.

Reactivate your Customers with Follow-Up Mails

There are different follow-up emails, e.g. a reactivation email to the customers who have not yet opened your newsletter with your special offer. Wake up the “sleeping” customers with a motivating follow-up mail. You will certainly be pleased if you can still use the discount campaign for a bargain. Because an unopened newsletter does not automatically mean that your subscriber is not interested in your special offer. Perhaps simply the time of the delivery was not the best. With THEA you can also determine the openings by means of the heart function and if necessary, send a follow-up mail directly without creating a new segment.

After you have connected your WooCommerce online store with CleverReach®, you can use the information about your customers for your follow-up mails.

This also includes the opening and click rate. With an automated follow-up email, you can specifically write to those customers who have not opened their last WooCommerce-Shop newsletter, for example.

To send your reactivation email to exactly this group of people, you need a segment. Learn here how you can easily set up a segment.

Email Automation After Purchase of a Product

In addition to a good product and fast service, sometimes all it takes to make your customers happy is a simple thank you. Use email automation for autoresponder mails after purchasing a product in your WooCommerce online shop.

Your customer will be happy if you thank them with an appealing newsletter after their purchase. Thanks to email automations such as welcome or follow-up emails, you are in regular contact with your customers and that way remain in memory with your company and your products.

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