WooCommerce Email Templates

Desperately searching for a WooCommerce Email Template?

CleverReach® offers a huge selection of design or responsive email templates you can use for your WooCommerce newsletters – for free! Once our CleverReach® plugin and your WooCommerce store are connected, you can select one of our many responsive email templates and customize it to suit your needs. Fill the template it with your latest offers and let your sales skyrocket like hell.

 Why is it vital to have a really thrilling email template? The reason is that newsletter subscribers decide in just a blink whether they want to continue reading an email or not. We therefore recommend WooCommerce online store operators to choose a truly terrific email template to , so that your newsletter is eagerly awaited by your recipients. Some cool pics and great offers help, too. So nothing stands in the way of your goal: Your readers will be interested at first glance and there’s a good chance they will hit that CTA button and buy your products.

How to Decide for an Awesome Newsletter Template

WooCommerce Email Templates Cleverreach®

Take your time finding the perfect newsletter template. The right template will make it easier to develop an email campaign that will catch the interest of your WooCommerce newsletter recipients. In order to not just find the most beautiful but the most appropriate template, ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Will I be promoting a larger number of products in my newsletter?
  • Do I plan on including a lot of text in my email?
  • Which format do I need for my images?
  • Do I want to reach a target group that mainly uses mobile devices?
  • Can I adapt it to my WooCommerce store’s CI?

Especially our responsive templates can be adapted very well to suit both your taste and your WooCommerce shop.

What else is important in your WooCommerce Email apart from your Email Template?

Your products may be great, but if the design of your WooCommerce email template is not convincing, your WooCommerce newsletter may not be read. As a result, your click rates might not be satisfactory, and you won’t sell as many products as hoped with your WooCommerce online store.

In addition to the template, there are other important ingredients that will make your newsletter successful. Here are 10 factors, that help you on your way to creating great emails using one of our many awesome email templates:

1. The Choice of Colour

When creating your newsletter template, the choice of colour also plays an important role. It’s vital to get the right balance between attention-grabbing colours and a harmonious overall picture. In addition, use the colours of your WooCommerce online store. This creates an optimal connection between your newsletter and your WooCommerce online shop.

2. The Layout

Make sure your recipients don’t get lost while skimming through your email. Your readers want to see immediately what your newsletter is about. A logical structure of your email template creates a clarity that makes the subscriber less tired while reading your newsletter. Ideally, your email template is structured in such a way that the readers can follow it with their natural eye movement from left to right and from top to bottom.

3. The Subject Line

When creating an email, the subject line is an important factor for your subscriber to decide wether he opens the newsletter or deletes it. Create the subject line in a way that it arouses curiosity and at the same time teases the content of your email. Don’t leave your readers disappointed or misled in their expectations. Read more on this subject in our article: 10 tips for creative subject lines and newsletter texts.

4. The Pre-Header

A pre-header is displayed by many email clients as a preview in the inbox. It’s a short text that is displayed directly after the subject and summarizes the content of your newsletter. This one-liner creates an incentive to open your email. Please keep in mind: It should be the extension of the subject line, but not repeat it.
When you create your newsletter, you will notice that your pre-header can have a big impact on the success of your WooCommerce online store. It is therefore worth investing time and thought into the pre-header.

5. Personalized Content

Thanks to personalized newsletter modules, you can address different target groups when creating your email. Different, individually adapted content and offers increase the relevance and thus the success of your WooCommerce online shop. By addressing your email recipients personally, you give your readers the additional feeling of receiving offers from you that are personally tailored to their needs.

6. Header Image and Placement of Product Images

Pictures are an important item in your email. But this does not mean that you should plaster your newsletter with pictures. You can achieve an optimal effect with a balanced mixture of images and text. Read more to this subject in our article “Has a picture spoken to you today?” Moving images can only be used to a limited extent in newsletters. Still when creating your emails, we would rather advise you not to use moving images.

7. Headlines

Your subscribers only take very little time to decide whether the content of your email appeals to them or not. And usually the headlines get scanned first. For a good reason: They give your readers a valuable overview, as they not only summarize the contents of your email, but also structure them.

8. Call-to-Actions

The call-to-action buttons (CTA) play a particularly important role in email creation, because they allow the reader to get to the target with only one click: your WooCommerce online shop. In addition to the actual offer, these factors play an important part regarding the success of the call-to-actions: the placement, the prompting text and the design. If you keep your call-to-action in grey, it will probably remain unnoticed. The more it (positively) attracts attention, the more often the recipients will click.

9. Legal Notice, Contact and Unsubscribe Link

Your email is now nicely filled and optimally designed, but without a legal notice, a contact and unsubscribe link you can’t send your newsletter. All three points are required by law and should not be missing. A matter of course for many marketers, but it happens quite often, that we receive emails without an unsubscribe link in the email template. Before you start to worry, calm down. You are using CleverReach®, aren`t you? Our email marketing software automatically creates an unsubscribe link and a current imprint in your newsletter. So you can be sure that your newsletters comply with applicable legal regulations.

10. Analysis and Reports

Email marketing offers you as a WooCommerce online shop the great advantage that you can check and evaluate the success of your newsletter. Thanks to the report and analysis tool of CleverReach®, you can get an overview of your open and click rates and much more after sending your WooCommerce newsletter. The reports and analyses help you to optimize creating your email and your marketing campaigns click by click.

Before you start to worry, calm down. You are using CleverReach®, aren`t you? Our email marketing software automatically creates an unsubscribe link and a current imprint in your newsletter. So you can be sure that your newsletters comply with applicable legal regulations.

Benefit from our Email Templates for your WooCommerce Shop

Not every email template is optimally suited to the needs of a WooCommerce Online Store. Take your time to go through our huge selection and go through the points mentioned above before deciding for your email template. Consider exactly what you want to achieve with your newsletter. After you have gained an overview, finding the perfect newsletter template will be much easier.

Customize our email template to your needs and create your first WooCommerce newsletter. Looking good? Fine, then use it again and again and again. Simply click on “create copy”,  create a cody of this email and update the content.

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