WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter Subscription for WooCommerce Made Easy

Newsletters are the best way to let your customers know about an upcoming sale or about a restock of products in your WooCommerce Shop, because they are cost-effective and easy to set up. But how do you get those email addresses into your recipients’ list? Use the CleverReach® subscription form to collect registrations to your shop newsletter. Setting up the subscription form and implementing it into your WooCommerce Shop is finished in some easy steps.

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How to Implement the CleverReach® Subscription Form Into your WooCommerce Shop

WooCommerce is a plugin especially made for WordPress. In order to use a subscription form from CleverReach® for your WooCommerce shop, you need to implement your subscription form in one of these two ways:

1. Include your subscription form on product pages


When displaying a product in your WooCommerce shop, you have some space below the general product information to get more into detail about your product. This space can also be used to implement your subscription form.

In order to do so, you have to log in to your CleverReach® account. Here, you can create a subscription form. The final form can be inserted into your WooCommerce shop via source code. The code can be found under “source code / distribution” in the form menu.

Simply copy the code and insert it in your HTML editor into your product information. After saving the changes, the subscription form should appear on the page of your product.

2. Insert HTML code in your footer

Log in to your WordPress account and go to your Widgets. Here, you can select the Widget “Custom HTML” (“text” or “HTML” are alternative names for the same Widget). This you can add to the footer section of your page.

Just as above, you then go to your CleverReach® backend and copy the source code of your subscription form. Enter the code into your Widget and save your changes. The form will now appear in the footer of your WooCommerce Shop.

You may also want to consider creating a separate page for your registration form. The advantage: You have more creative freedom to design the space around your subscription form, and you can link to that page from any other spot you like, for example:

  • The signature of your work emails
  • A Facebook post
  • From your Instagram profile or stories
  • The posts of your business blog

What Makes your Registration Form Successful?

An important step to a successful newsletter form is telling your prospects why they should subscribe. Do you have the best discounts, the latest trends, or maybe a freebie to download? The benefit of your newsletter should be apparent for anyone interested.
Screenshot: The WooCommerce Shop tinytags uses pop-ups to engage visitors and to turn them into subscribers

There are some other tricks you can use to make the registration for your WooCommerce shop newsletter more appealing:

  • Be persistent and draw attention to your subscription form. Pop-ups and overlays are extremely effective – yes, everybody loves to hate those things, but if well done, some pop-ups can convert up to 40 % of your website visitors into subscribers! For example, with a CleverReach® integration for OptInMonster, you can easily implement pop-ups into your shop.
  • Use incentives to make a newsletter subscription attractive to your visitors. For example, a give away among all new subscribers is a great way to grow your recipient list. Discounts are also the most common reason why people subscribe to a newsletter. A small voucher code for every subscription can be a great trigger to gain new subscribers.
  • Ask your customers at checkout whether they are interested to subscribe to your newsletter. A purchase alone is not a sign of consent for receiving commercial emails; your customers should rather have the option to decide at checkout whether they would like to stay informed about your offers and sales.

How to Collect New Addresses in Compliance with Data Protection Regulations

Newsletter marketing in Australia is regulated by the Spam Act 2003. According to law, online shops and other businesses are not allowed to send advertisement at random, since this would be considered as “unsolicited commercial electronic messaging”, aka spam. Only if the addressee explicitly consented to receive commercial messages are you allowed to send those emails. An easy and traceable way to get the consent of your recipients is the double-opt-in for newsletter subscriptions.

The double-opt-in (short: DOI) ensures that the person who registered for a newsletter really is the person who receives it. In your subscription form, you can insert a separate checkbox that points out the data protection regulations. After checking that box and sending their subscription, the addressee will receive a confirmation email that contains a link. Clicking this link will complete the DOI and veritably confirm that this person allows you to send them newsletters. Addressees must also have the option to easily withdraw consent by unsubscribing your newsletter.

CleverReach® complies with European data protection regulations (GDPR) which overlap with the Australian guidelines. Automatically preset double-opt-in for newsletter subscriptions, unsubscribe-links in every newsletter and European server locations are just a few of many measures that our software firm takes to protect your and your users’ data. Create your account now and discover the power of email marketing for your WooCommerce shop!