Email Marketing Integration for Shopify

Newsletter App for Successful Shopify Email Marketing Campaigns

Carglass, TESA, bugatti, DHL and REWE all use CleverReach® as their email marketing solution. Why? Because it’s just that clever. You can use it with your Shopify online store now! Use the sophisticated CleverReach® email marketing software to set up professional newsletters for your Shopify customers without any programming skills required, quick and easy. Make use of the numerous advantages of an integration solution for your Shopify online shop and benefit from our powerful software and flexible pricing without fixed contract terms.

Exclusively for shopify customers: Become a customer and get 20% off your CleverReach® rate for 3 months! Simply awesome: Your discount is automatically activated when you create a new account.


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Benefits & Module Description

The plugin connects our CleverReach® email marketing tool directly to your Shopify online store. Immediately all important Shopify data will be automatically updated and added to the CleverReach® newsletter tool. The syncing process not only saves valuable time but also possible trouble. Why? Because with our integration you will avoid errors which often happen during manual importing and exporting.

The following Shopify data will be synced with your email list:

  • Newsletter subscriptions and registrations
  • First name, last name, gender, age, birthday, address data…
  • Bought products, sales, order number, item number, product name, price, currency, amount
  • Product information of your Shopify items like image, text, price, sizes, material
  • “Last order date” is automatically stored in the recipient’s data record (and can be used for email marketing automation)
  • Because it’s just easy

Make use of these helpful data for personal emails which will truly interest your Shopify customers. You will get more openings, more clicks and more conversions!

This is the key to more sales: your customers make more purchases more often, so win, win, win.

The Functions

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team whose members are always very happy to help.

Valued Customers Buy More

Your customers

  • like to be surprised by funny smartphone cases
  • will be pleased by a cool gift idea for a cycling fan
  • will try the newest wine recommendation and thus discover their new favorite drink

In a perfect world with CleverReach® and Shopify, your customers are always looking out for your next newsletter because they’re getting the offers that they wish for. If your customer is happy, then you’re happy and we are happy too!

We call this a win-win-win situation!

Installation / Download

The CleverReach® Shopify Integration is set up and ready to use within just a few minutes:

  1. Click on the following button and enter your Shopify-URL in the screen window:
  2. If you have not been logged in before, the login window for your Shopify online shop will open.

Shopify Login - CleverReach AppImage Pasted at 2019-6-4 11-00

  1. This will take you to the Shopify backend and you can start installing the CleverReach® App by clicking “install app”.

CleverReach® + Shopify install CleverReach® App

  1. Now the plugin can be activated.

CleverReach® + Shopify Connection

About Shopify

The cloud-based, multi-channel sales platform Shopify is aimed at small to medium-sized retail companies. Shopify makes it easier to bring together and organize your users and all sales activities (online and stationary) in this one platform: The popular sales software takes into account not just online sales channels like web shops, marketplaces, apps or social networks, but also very traditional outlets like local stores or selling stalls.

With help from the Shopify Newsletter Plugin your CleverReach® account will be easily connected to your Shopify Account.