The perfect email marketing solution for agencies

Manage all your customers with our multi-account solution

The comprehensive newsletter tool for agencies

Agencies benefit from our multi-account solution! This is the one-stop shop for managing the newsletter marketing of your customers:

One central account

Manage unlimited subaccounts from your CleverReach® account.

Easy monitoring

Get insights of all mailings and activities of your customers with our user-friendly overview and search functionality.

Complete cost control

Determine how invoices are managed for subaccounts: Let customers pay themselves, or handle the bills for them.

Consistent corporate identity

Provide templates centrally that are in compliance with your CI and put them at disposal for customers.

Your branding, your product

With our premium solution you can offer our platform as an independent service with your own branding and domain.

More than 290,000 customers trust us!

One account for all – the CleverReach® multi-account solution

CleverReach PUSH Best Practice E-Mail Automation Dienstleister

As an agency you’ll benefit from our multi-account solution. This way you always have an overview of your customer management:

  • One central account: Easy management of subaccounts from one central account.
  • Assign user rights: As an agency, you determine which users have access to the subaccounts and what they can do there.
  • Clear monitoring: Our user-friendly overview and search function provide you with an overview of all deliveries and activities of your users.

Use our flexible billing models with commission options

As a multi-account user you receive 20% commission for every paying customer with a subaccount managed by your agency. You benefit from our flexible billing models and can decide on one of the three payment options:

1. You get all invoices: You or your customer can book a rate for each account, but the customers are not directly involved in the billing process, it’s all between your agency and CleverReach®. Instead of a commission you are granted an agency discount at the rate of your commission.
2. Self-paying customers: CleverReach® sends the invoice directly to your customer. As an agency, you receive a commission for each payment your customer makes. You decide whether you want to keep your commission, share it with the customer or pass it on completely.

3. You pay for prepaid and invoice your customers yourself: All mailing campaigns carried out by your customers will be deducted from your quota or billed retroactively on the 15th of the following month in accordance with the current prepaid prices. With this option, you can specify whether you want to limit the number of emails your customers can send. This model makes sense, for example, if your agency has taken over the entire area of newsletter marketing for the customer and the delivery is part of a fixed agency fee.

Please note that we only grant commission for prepaid purchases the subaccounts make themselves. If your agency buys the prepaid quota and redistributes contingents, no commission will be paid.

Next level multi-account management: the CleverReach® premium package


You want more? Use the CleverReach® premium package for multi accounts. With this, you can offer our newsletter marketing software as a whitelabel solution: Customize all elements of your account to match your business – or that of your customer:

  • Own domain name, own login page, individual sender name of system mailings
  • Saving sender’s details for emails the system sends automatically (e. g. bills, resetting password etc.).
  • Hide away information about integrations, support and FAQ sections, so that the application appears without reference to a CleverReach® origin.
  • Your own CI and imprint in the backend
  • You can buy the premium multi-account solution for 99,00 euros per month in your agency account.

    screenshot: Kostenloser Support CleverReach

    Free support for you and your customers

    We want you to be successful. That’s why our support team will help you via email or phone whenever questions come up. But that’s not all: If you are an agency and use CleverReach® as a whitelabel solution, the CleverReach® support team will also assist your customers for free.



    • User Management
    • Monitoring
    • Agency Support


    99 /month

    • User Management
    • Monitoring
    • Agency Support
    • Operation under your own domain
    • Your own branding (Logo, name, legal notice)
    • CleverReach Integrations hideable
    • CleverReach Support / FAQ hideable