SSL encryption

Data security for your newsletter forms

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  • SSL is short for “Secure Sockets Layer”, a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. Today, it’s actually called “Transport Layer Security” (TLS), however, the old short form is still commonly used.

There are several situations when sensitive customer data is transmitted on the internet, e.g.:

  • Log in,
  • online purchases
  • subscription via form

SSL encryption protects your customers’ data from unauthorized people eavesdropping during the data transmission.

1. Enable SSL for your forms

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  • Protect your subscribers from unwanted access when transmitting their data. Simply enable SSL in your CleverReach® signup forms.

Select the correct form, go to “Source code/ distribution” and either click

  • subscription
  • or unsubscribe
  • and then click “enable SSL”


2. Protect customer data from unwanted access

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  • Especially when transmitting sensitive data, a secure connection to the server is crucial to prevent phishing and hacking.
  • When transmitting your subscribers’ personal data and address details you should enable SSL encryption

3. Do I need an SSL certificate?

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  • You don’t need your own SSL certificate to protect your subscribers’ data during the transmission. Provided you don’t use your own domain, CleverReach® takes care of a secure data transmission.
  • All you have to do is to enable the SSL encryption – with just one click!

4. How to recognize SSL connections

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These things indicate if data is transmitted securely and encrypted:

  • The address in your browser starts with “https//”
  • Browsers usually display a padlock icon.
  • Some browsers also color their status bar green.

SSL encryption: try it for free with CleverReach®!

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