DOI registration forms

Double-Opt-In for your newsletters

screenshot: What are DOI registration forms?

What are DOI registration forms?

CleverReach® uses Double-Opt-In standards to make sure you are always on the safe side when it comes to registration forms for your newsletter. People interested in your mailings receive a confirmation link via email after signing up for your newsletters. They are only subscribed after the click on the confirmation link in the confirmation email. Subscribers choose twice to get your newsletter. The double confirmation makes sure that third parties can’t randomly add others to your list of subscribers, which is forbidden in Germany and many other countries. Your advantage: We offer our customers legal security with DOI registration forms.


1. Create form

screenshot: What are DOI registration forms?

Registration form, confirmation email and confirmation link – sounds like an awful lot of work at first. With CleverReach® you can create DOI forms in a flash. Embedding it on your website is possible without any programming skills. Your email address and further address details are already automatically transferred to your DOI registration form.

When a customer subscribes via DOI form to your newsletter, they automatically receive a mail with a confirmation link from the CleverReach® server. Only after a click on the confirmation link will they be added to your list of subscribers.

How to create legal sign up and unsubscribe forms for your newsletter:

  • Easily create your individual sign up and unsubscribe forms with our form feature. A form is divided into the parts subscribe and unsubscribe.
  • In the same step, confirmation emails are configured.
  • Double-Opt-In is standard for all registration forms.
  • For unsubscribe forms you have the choice between different Opt-Out options
  • Integrate your forms via source code or link on your website.

Create form:

  • Log in and go to “forms”
  • Click on “Add form”
  • Enter the name of the new form
  • Select the list of subscribers you want new subscribers to be added to

Please note, that a form can only be assigned to one group.

2. Configure form

screenshot: Configure form: Design your form and adjust the following elements individually:

Configure form: Design your form and adjust the following elements individually:

  • Text fields
  • Multiple choice
  • Check boxes
  • Drop-down menu
  • Date-/phone fields
  • Social media elements
  • Design elements: tailored to your taste and your homepage (Corporate Identity)
  • Background- and font color
  • Font size and other details
  • Link color
  • Content

Find the respective modules in your form on the left side panel. Data like name are collected in text fields, preferences and interests with check boxes. Depending on the modules you use, you assign data fields to your list of subscribers.

  • Settings: Here you can set basic settings
  • Source code/ distribution: As a last step, check your created form in a preview. Is everything as you imagined it? Then just copy the source code and add it to your website.

3. Additional settings

screenshot: Additional settings
  • The form feature allows you to create texts for your landing pages and emails.
  • For the unsubscribe form, you can’t only adjust the text, but also choose the type of unsubscribe (Double-Opt-Out or Direct-Opt-Out).
  • You can also use your own unsubscribe procedures. In this case, however, there won’t be an automatic unsubscribe management, you are responsible for data synchronization.

Note: If a subscriber unsubscribes via your own unsubscribe procedure, you’ll have to add this information to the CleverReach® database. Otherwise, they will still get your newsletters.

4. Advantages of Double-Opt-In (DOI)

screenshot: Keep your lists of subscribers growing
  • Keep your lists of subscribers growing – with a DOI form on your homepage. You can be sure that it’ll only contain contacts that have confirmed that they want to receive your emails.
  • Trouble-free and easy subscription directly on your website!
  • DOI ensures that all your addresses are legally added to your mailing list
  • DOI minimizes your bounce and unsubscribe rates

5. Notes: Why Double-Opt-In?

screenshot: cleverreach editor

In many countries, it is mandatory to have the recipients’ permission to send them promotional emails, otherwise it’ll have legal consequences. Our free CleverReach® DOI forms ensure that you’re always acting legally and only recipients who want your emails get your emails.

Always be on the safe side with CleverReach®!

Note: CleverReach® does not offer DOI recipient import, as this is legally prohibited.

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