Email design and dispatch


Creating a professional email is extremely easy with our Wizard. Select from more than 50 free templates dealing with a wide range of topics.
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Design and Spam Test

The design test shows, how your email is displayed in the most popular email programs.You will receive screenshots of the presentation of your email in the most different inboxes and on smartphones. We let your email run through the most common spam filters.
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Template Technique

Save your own template by HTML upload. You can insert various tags into the source code of the HTML file, in order to edit your template with the wizard.
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Send your email campaign immediately or at any date in the future. Select a future date in the calendar and specify a time. Scheduled campaigns will be sent punctually on the desired date.

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing is a way of working out which of two different options will be the most effective. When used for your email campaigns, that means A/B testing can help you decide which email will the best one to send to your subscriber list from two different options which are labeled A and B. The basic idea is to send Version A to a small number of your subscribers, and Version B to another small group. The results (opens or clicks) are measured, and a winner is chosen. Then that winning version is sent out to all the remaining subscribers.
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Create a set of emails, which are sent automatically in customized periods. Automatic emails are used e.g. for seminars, birthday congratulations, reminder emails for testing periods or follow-up activities.
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Address your recipients personally to gain more acceptance. Alternative values can be saved, if no personal recipient data is available.

RSS-based emails

Whether with Wizard or HTML editor - you can paste the entire contents of your RSS feed into your email with only one click. Annoying typing or copying is a thing of the past!

Test Email

You can have a preview of your email sent to you before the actual email dispatch. You can enter as many recipients as you like in the settings of your account for the test email. Select users for the test email, who are to receive a preview of your email.

Newsletter Archive

A dynamic archive highlights your web page with the emails you sent last. It can be adapted perfectly to the design of your web page and updates automatically, when you send a new email.


CleverReach offers a broad selection of configurable email templates for beginners and professionals.
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Image and Template Hosting

Simply upload your own templates and images onto our servers.


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