Using the CleverReach API

This API enables you to synchronize your CMS, CRM or eCommerce system with CleverReach. Developers can build own applications and connect them with your account.

What does the API offer?

  • Automatic syncronization of your recipient data with your own database or CMS. Use your own in-house software to manage your subscribers and leave the dispatch and delivery to CleverReach
  • External recipient management like creating lists, keeping your list clean, add custom fields and sending of opt-in emails
  • As developer you can create and release your very own applications and plugins for other systems

API Key & List ID

To identify yourself, use the API key which is provided in your account and also a list ID in every recipient list you own. To get them, visit:
Account >> API.


Find the WSDL-File here:



Note: Applications and plugins developed by yourself may only be published after clearance of the CleverReach Team. Please contact our Support .

Integration from own content

With the use of an App you can integrate content( e.g. product data, item, etc.) from your own system.

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