About us

What we do

We help companies of all sizes to send emails, manage recipients lists as well as to track and analyze email campaigns. Our objective is to provide a simple and intuitive online software, which all companies can use for their email marketing activities.

Facts about CleverReach

  • Founded in 2007 as a technology service for email marketing
  • Manegement of over 70 000 customers worldwide
  • Over 30,000 email campaigns are initiated monthly
  • Dispatch and tracking of over 100 million emails per month
  • Member of the Certified Senders Alliance

Where do we come from

In March 2007 CleverReach was established in Oldenburg as a subsidiary of the worldwide operating software company Ashampoo. Our parent company has been running a successful email marketing business since 1999. We wanted to share the gained experience of a decade and decided to make our online solution available for other companies.

CleverReach was born and has been constantly developed since then. Our philosophy also includes an extremely high standard regarding to a correct and confidential handling of customer data.

Currently more than 70 000 customers worldwide already use our online software successfully. CleverReach has managed to achieve an outstanding position in the domestic as well as in international markets, due to a sophisticated technology, numerous innovative ideas, personal support and a fair price / performance ratio.

Today's CleverReach is the result of wishes and requirements of our customers, with whom we have grown together. Together with you, we will develop the CleverReach email marketing software of tomorrow. Our team is young, ambitious, motivated, and pursues only one objective: the success of our customers.

Since the success of our clients is also our success!


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